Congress Minister Bali Captures Limelight For His Antics

Himachal This Week

Whether it goes in favour of the Congress party or paints a very comical picture that its Transport, Food and Civil Suplies Minister remains continuously in the glare of publicity. Some times he becomes enigmatic and people don’t know what he means by certain actions. For example, in the beginning of the term he was reported to have resigned and returned his official car, any one asksing questions met with strange responses, political observers point out.  Finally it emerged that he was reportedly piqued by Chief Minister’s favorite Kewal Singh Pathania placed as Vice Chairman of Himachal Road Transport Corporation. Later Pathania was shifted to Forest Corporation and Bali felt relieved from a nominee reportedly snooping over him constantly. Again a situation similar to sibling rivalry is experienced by him when Urban Development Minister Sudhir Sharma, another favourite of Chief Minister, hosted the big conference on celebration of four years of the Congress rule in Himachal. In fact, his acting over smart to beat Sudhir Sharma, Bali organised an event in his own constituency and invited AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi to that for inaugurating engineering college. Perhaps no boss will tolerate his junior to dislocate the focus on the rally which he was to head. But to the credit of Chief Minister, he never said so but faced rather ire of Bali, who did not go to the stage complaining he has been left out from list of people entitled to sit on the dais, feel political observers. There was too much washing of clean or dirty linen in public which will not go in favour of the party that is facing election this year. His name was there but he reportedly did not go there and went to look after his own function and even CM described his complaint as a false.  Bali did not stop there he made a major disruption in the state by publicly demanding unemployment allowance that was in the manifesto of the party in elections, political observers feel. The CM stuck to his guns and even flatly refused to follow any short cut. In HTW survey, 63% respondents have felt that Bali is being ignored in his own party. He might be genuinely feeling ignored but the right way is not to raise dust but meet the chief for finding a solution. Till then, Himachal politics is in having a merry go round. Opinion Poll

Is GS Bali Being Ignored in Himachal Congress?

Yes         63%

No          28  %

Don’t Know       9 %

Total Votes: 336

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