Thanksgiving Or Political Coronation?

Himachal This Week

NEWSYuva Samman and thanksgiving rally was organised on the issue of unemployment allowance in Nagrota Bagwan at a time when head of the government is facing a tough time. It is another matter that women were present in large numbers in the rally in which different speakers applauded the efforts of Transport Minister GS Bali. And Himachal Pradesh Congress Committee (HPCC) president Sukhwinder Sukhu’s statement indicates that the stage at Nagrota was not less than the political coronation. HPCC president in a way has laid down the foundation of of Bali regime that has far reaching difficult ramifications, feel political observers, Neither political stature can be gauged through one rally nor the presence of three MLAs reflects the mood of the government or the party.

Sukhu seemingly decided about the leader in the political battle being fought in the name of youths but who will decided about the widening crevices within the Congress party. Unemployment allowance is neither a stepping stone for political success nor will end the lone queue of unemployed youths. It remains to be seen how far Bali can proceed with the help of thre MLAs and few other leaders but the stage at Nagrota Bagwan proved to be a complicated one for his own government.

Sukhwinder Sukhu *  GS Bali will play the main role in changing the direction of politics in Himachal in future

-Sukhwinder Sukhu HPCC President

GS Bali*  The state government has taken a historic initiative by providing allowance to unemployed youth

-GS Bali, Transport Minister

Rajesh Dharmani*  It is a big achievement to get unemployment allowance  as the government and party had different views on the issue

-Rajesh Dharmani, CPS Opinion Poll

Should Himachal Provide Loan Waiver To Small And Marginal Farmers?

Yes  –  75%

No  –  23%

Don’t Know  –  2%

*  75% voters feel that small and marginal farmers should get a loan waiver

*  23% voters were against loan waiver for farmers

*  2% respondents remained indecisive on the issue

Total Votes: 363

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