Virbhadra’s Challenge To Himachal BJP

Himachal This Week

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh’s announcement to leave Himachal if the BJP wins sixty assembly seats, has baffled one and all in state politics. Political observers are also pondering to understand the meaning behind such a brave statement. It will also analyse government’s performance besides posing a challenge to the opposition, they point out. There are very few leaders visible in Congress who can challenge Modi’s juggernaut by staking their own political career, political observers point out.

In a new form, Virbhadra is underlining the difference between ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’ in upcoming assembly elections in this hilly state. No one can pinpoint a big section either in favour of Congress or BJP in Himachal. Chief Minister’s statement will also test state’s political character in the backdrop of Congress Mukt Bharat slogan. Nonetheless, Chief Minister has posed a direct challenge to the opposition BJP ahead of upcoming assembly elections. It is also an effort to curtail the turmoil within the Congress besides asserting that BJP should forget about this figure.

The change in character of BJP has restricted dominance of leaders but in Congress the stature of leaders is becoming ineffective. Amit Shah’s party wants to change the entire scenario and that has led some discontent among BJP leaders also, political observers point out. It will also analyse tested permutations and stature of leaders when the party talks about winning sixty assembly seats, they point out. Will opposition be able to win sixty seats or next ruling party will render the opposition as irrelevant? Virbhadra government has spread education, health and administrative facilities at the doorstep if one discusses about its developmental model. However, need to have good governance will be analysed in every assembly segment.

It remains to be seen whether entire Himachal will side with the BJP due to charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Will there be no opposition in state politics also? One will have to wait till next assembly elections.

Himachal This Week

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