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September 2017

‘डीएचडी’ सेमीफाइनल आज से

हमीरपुर - प्रदेश के नंबर वन मीडिया ग्रुप ‘दिव्य हिमाचल’ के ‘डांस हिमाचल डांस’ सीजन-पांच का सेमीफाइनल रविवार को होगा। सेमीफाइनल के आगाज पर ‘दिव्य हिमाचल’ के प्रधान संपादक अनिल सोनी विशेष रूप से

Young Voters Seek Jobs

As Himachal goes to polls later this year, nearly 1.25 lakh new voters have been enrolled

CHB Wants To Construct A Housing Project In Himachal

Y.S. Rana The writer is a Hamirpur based Himachali settled in Chandigarh As the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) has decided to go uphill for its housing projects, the experts here say otherwise. Bankrupt Board is on a diet. Starved of funds…

From the Editor’s Desk

Governor As Patron  Himachal Governor's visit to Himachal Pradesh University hostels exposed chinks in the system. Ground realities came to the fore as Governor being Chancellor of the university chose back gate instead of entering from the…

Political Climate of Delhi

Prof N.K. Singh Former Chairman International Airports Authority of India I have been reveling climate of Delhi both physical and political forpast few days. Delhi is same as I witnessed in the past but it isfuzzier, more congested with…

Make Cow Farming A Profitable Vocation

Kulbhushan Upmanyu (The writer is an environmentalist heading Himalaya Niti Abhiyan) Cow farming had remained second important vocation after agriculture in India. Even today 60% of population in the country is dependent on agriculture.…

Youths Shirk Physical Work

Surendra Minhas (The writer is based at Bilaspur) India has remained an agrarian country. According to a 1951 survey, 80% population of India was linked with agricultural related works while rest 20% population was dependent on other…

Readers’ Response

Social Media Baffles People This is regarding Himachal This Week's cover story of September 16, 2017, “Social Media Baffles People”. It is true that people are perplexed when so much of content is available on social media. This media is…