Exemplary Punishment Needed In Sexual Abuse In Educational Institutes

Ramesh ThakurRamesh Thakur

(The writer is a lecturer in a government senior secondary school in Kot-Tungal area in Mandi district)

‘Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur devo maheshwarah guru saakshaat parambrahma tasmai shri guruve namah.’ It means a guru has been honoured with the position of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in our shashtras. But today a guru or a teacher is losing honour in the society only because of his misdeeds. However you can’t blame the teaching fraternity entirely for it. There are only a handful of such people who are putting a blot on this noble profession. There are still plenty of inspiring examples of teachers who help kids in every possible like arranging fees, stationery, clothes and teaching them even after school hours. Teachers play an important role in shaping students and hence the society’s mindset and perception. It becomes important to spread among the society the selfless efforts of a teacher engrossed completely in upliftment of students without any personal interests. It will emerge as an inspiration for thousands of honest teachers and could help in changing the mindset of other teachers.

Teacher serves as a nation builder and is an important link to bring a change in the society. If a teacher is found guilty or involved in heinous crimes like sexual abuse, molesting a women’s modesty etc, then he should be sentenced life imprisonment or death punishment.

However his salary and benefits should be given to his family so that they do not suffer because of his sins. Fast track of such cases in courts and quick decision will also help in inculcating fear among public and reduce cases of sexual abuse cases in educational institutes. Besides this, seminars should be organised on sex education in educational institutes. If both husband and wife are working in teaching profession, then they should be employed in the same institute so that wife could keep a check on immoral activities of the husband. This could help in decreasing the sexual abuse incidents in educational institutes.

Teachers suffering from mental illness need to be identified as only a mentally unstable person commits such heinous crime. Drugs and influence of alcohol also leads to such crime. However making a law and implementing it on ground are two different perspectives in this regard. It is also witnessed that the state and centre issue many circulars but they remain confined to files only and nothing is achieved on the ground. I would like to invoke society and teacher fraternity to inculcate in them the qualities like dedication, sacrifice, nationalism and social service that would help in eradicating many menaces.

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