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Magic Of Figures

The pace of Cabinet decisions indicate government’s resolve to enhance its trust ahead of general assembly elections in Himachal. The government has also opened two more degree college in Sirmour district even as academic session is halfway stage. The pace of taking decisions by the Cabinet ahead of emnforcement of model code of conduct is benefiting every section of the society in Himachal.People’s aspirations soar in the midst of spread of developmental projects as figures are also indicator of pace of development. Likewise a new figure of fatalities emerges when a truck carrying pilgrims overturns in Amb. What picture of tourism sector emerges as people illegally travel in unsafe vehicles? Why we count people traveling in trucks in increasing numbers of tourists as it is also associated with threats?  Many budgets have been presented that established a new figure of appeasement rather than satisfying people. The polling percentage is decreasing but the governments are run emphatically in the midst of increasing walkouts from the state assembly. We convert our hopes into figures after every five years because political leaders treat us like that. It remains to be seen what happens to Mission Repeat in Himachal in the backdrop of BJP’s continuous victories in country’s politics. Political rallies will held but only one party will win. We are attracted by announcements made by different politicians. A Central minister announces sixty one national highways and assurances are given for railways expansion in this hilly state. And senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar is also hurt over the increasing number of aspirants seeking BJP ticket for contesting elections.  The BJP needs to act patiently to restrict this figure before it shadows party’s existence.

Thought of the Week

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.

-Brad Henry

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