Congress Fulminating To Make A Mark

Prof N.K. Singh

Former Chairman International Airports Authority of India

Pity was Congress’s inability to spell out new policy or direction in Rahul’s utterances which mainly concentrated on demolishing Modi. Modi had brought major change by spelling out ‘’Sabka Saath Saab Ka Vikas’. It was not a simple jumla but enunciation of the policy that every body will be treated equally.

The Congress was written off by most of the observers as well as criticsthought it has lost verve. Burdened by the corruption and scams, it hasno will to survive. Even Farooq Abdullah who is on the right side ofthe party gave his sage advice that party should not think of 2019 toreturn to power or resurgence but aim at 2024. Most of the observersseemed to agree with this assessment. No doubt, the party had reservoir ofresources like money and critical contacts. Precious strengthconsisted in majority of the media devoted to the party and helping it tosustain even if it needs justifying error in distorting the news inits favour.

Once a party is in power for more than 50 years in a country of India’s size it is bound to have a mammoth size of below the surface submerged strength. The trouble was that its direction was wrong and even now it is aiming at changed targets and modes but not tuned in properly. Party badly lost and even where it won it could not capture control of the government as in Goa and Arunachal or Manipur. It won only in Punjab where it scored due to disenchantment of the public with Akali and allies besides strong personal impact of Captain Amarinder Singh. Now Himachal and Gujarat are undergoing elections. Results of these elections are crucial to determinehow the Congress is doing and what its future course should be.

In this electoral fight, the Congress seems to heave changed its strategy.They realized that they cannot fight Modi in oration or innovation. The best course appeared to them not to denounce everything which he does but to create confusion or illusion in the minds of people. Instead of logical debate, they applied the strategy of using Jumlas which gave strong pubic memory- retention. They called Modi –Chaiwala, magician, jhoota and murderer. They invented jumlas to match occasion to plagiarise Modi eg Mausasm ka hal chunav se pehle, hogi Gujrat main jumlon ki barsat.

The Congress changed the course in trying novel use of distortion of words like Hugomacy to deride embracing leaders diplomacy of PrimeMinister. When Hafiz Saeed, a terrorist hunted by India, was released byPakistan from detention, they mocked Modi for Hugomacy that yielded noresults. In the process, they failed to control their glee and it leftthe BJP to charge them with displaying satisfaction when enemies of Indiaare freed.

The Congress fell down to a level where national interest did not mattermuch to them but survival was uppermost in their concern. Theycompromised with Patidars for reservation knowing fully well that itwill create spiraling demand and is going to fragment the country. Amajor party bowed down to compromise with regional outfits and take asecondary position as in Bihar. It did not mind going down to embracethe willing fragments.        Pity was Congress’s inability to spell out new policy or direction inRahul’s utterances which mainly concentrated on demolishing Modi. Modihad brought major change by spelling out ‘’Sabka Saath Saab Ka Vikas’.It was not a simple jumla but enunciation of the policy that every body willbe treated equally. What was new that no body can claim preferabletreatment earlier in spite of constitutional safeguard minorities andmain religion were not treated equally.

The Congress policy was to appeasethe minorities which created unequal situation. Modi’s strength wasthat he convinced his party of this new approach and even a yogiarticulated it to assure minorities.      This has brought a sea change in the approach of the government in treating citizens as per law. Another major policy step enunciated by Modi was concerning foreign policy where too he enunciated treating all nations with self respect when he said ‘neither we will bow down nor we will stand aloof but we will deal with other nations with self respect’. He has proved hismettle in foreign policy with US, Japan, South Korea and India formingstrong support group. No new policy is being enunciated by the Congress.

In economic field, Rahul has nothing new to offer except harping onold worn out socialist agenda. Rahul certainly managed a re-entry inthe political stage of electoral politics. But his entry is limited to Jumla dialogue without any policy or ideology statement. Modi on the other hand can claim in forcing a change in Rahul by showing clips over clips of Rahul’s entry in temples and support of Archbishop of Ahmedabad. So far dynasty remains the fundamental pillar of strength of the Congress. Any change in dialogues will not make any difference and there is no one in the party to challenge this major albatross around the neck ofthe party.

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