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Changing Political Scenario

The political scenario is changing in Himachal as the ruling party is not exhibiting its dominance yet whereas the opposition is also in a constructive mode. Senior BJP leader Shanta Kumar’s advise to shun politics of confrontation augers well for the state politics. It is another matter that protem Speaker Ramesh Dhawala had raised question mark on the relevance of Vidhan Sabha complex in Tapovan. Shimla is known for its political environment but Tapovan complex also strengthens democratic set up. Jai Ram government assures a new era of aspirations due to its qualities of hard work, honesty and decency in the backdrop of Himachal and Himachalis. Tapovan has also become a tradition in the government as elected MLAs have taken oath for the third time here. The power has changed and the government is silently underlining its priorities while realising the necessity to change team for ensuring good governance. Chief Minister is working hard to view different aspects and settle in the government in the backdrop of upcoming Lok Sabha elections after one year. Hopes and aspirations are bigger than a formal opening of Vidhan Sabha session as people seek rollback of many decisions taken by the previous government. It is honeymoon period for the government and there will be no question mark over the changes that have been effected. Vidhan Sabha complex at Tapovan is also awaiting expansion of its role to justify its relevance in future.

Thought of the Week

The essence of all religions is one. Only their approaches are different.           

  -Mahatma Gandhi

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