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Hailing from Palampur, Aksh Baghla is all set to rock the Bollywood with his singing talent along with popular rapper Badshah of Dj wale babu mera gana chala do fame. Known for his ‘1 Guy 30 Voices’, musician, singer and lyricist Aksh has brought laurels to this hilly state as he has more than three  crore views besides 5.6 lakh subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. Rewarded and certified by YouTube, Aksh has been approached by rapper Badshah. Born in Palampur, Aksh completed his graduation in commerce from Chandigarh and started his YouTube channel in August 2016. He has signed with Afterhours Production owned by Badshah and is soon going to launch his debut.  Within a year, Aksh has amassed a big fan base and his mashups are loved not only in India but outside. He also performs at live shows. In his message to budding artists, he says, “There are just three words that can describe YouTube success – Just keep uploading.

YouTube Channel – Aksh Baghla

Channel Views – 3 Crore +

Channel Subscribers – 5.6 Lakh +

Facebook Followers – 3 Lakh +

Instagram Followers – 26.1K +

I am not a trained singer but just love singing and making mashups to entertain my viewers

-Aksh Baghla,

Knowledge Sutra

The Most Beautiful Spot In The Universe

There is a place where everything is beautiful. Tourists travel from place to place looking for beauty. With photos and souvenirs they try to take the beauty home with them. They only get tired and tanned. Yet the most beautiful spot anywhere is right here. When you come here, you find that everything is so beautiful wherever you are.

Where is this place?

Don’t look here and there; look within you.

When you are here any place becomes beautiful.

Then wherever you go, you add beauty there.

If you are unhappy, even the moon irritates you, sweet things nauseate, music disturbs. When you are calm and centered inside, noise is musical, clouds are magical, rain is liquid love. Book yourself on a trip to this most beautiful place in the universe. Then you will find that everyday is a vacation and a celebration.

Source: An Intimate note to the Sincere Seeker

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