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Fussy Himachalis Liking for different Taste In Shimla

Himachal This Week Team (cover story )

NEWSWith the changing lifestyle and more options available in every field, people are also changing. And Himachalis are also no exception. They have also become choosy while taking a decision to select something; be it going to a restaurant, purchasing garments, buying a vehicle or even viewing a movie.  People have more in their pocket to spend as this hilly state has a good number of government employees. In addition, different brands, national and international are available here as they have opened their outlets in Himachal. There are few areas that also are emerging as hubs in different sectors like Mandi is the biggest automobile hub in the state with all brands of vehicles, personal and commercial, available in the district. And Himachali youth also look for certain specifications in whatever they do. Himachal This Week team tried to explore as to what people look for whenever they select a restaurant, vehicle, garments or even film to watch.

Bhavna Sharma

A new trend has developed in Himachal as a family prefers to go out to have a dinner at a famous restaurant in the town. Main reason behind this outing is to taste different cuisines in established chains of restaurants. It is more prevalent in Queen of Hills, Shimla, where people go to these places to break monotony of eating at home, especially on weekends. As children are becoming increasingly choosy in their eating habits, going out to a restaurant and placing an order serves the purpose to food of their own liking. Though people are not very demanding with regard to food choice but younger generation is inclined towards Chinese and South Indian dishes.  Ashiana Restaurant at the Ridge in Shimla is the first choice of locals and tourists as it offers all types of food under one roof. The list includes from Himachali cuisines to Chinese and continental food. In addition it is also located on famous tourist point in Shimla.

* Taste different cuisines in restaurants

* Outing with family to break monotony

* Lucrative offers by chains of restaurants

* Youth’s increasing liking for Chinese food

Favourite Places in Shimla

* Ashiana Restaurant for all cuisines

* Coffey House for South Indian dishes

* Sagar Ratna restaurant for Indian food

* Dominos, CCD, KFC brands for variety

Ranjana Sharma* Desire to taste different food is main reason to visit a restaurant as it also provide some free time. Cost of food is immaterial.

-Ranjana Sharma, Shimla

Yugul Kishor Thakur* Attractive offers and variety of food available in different brands forces youth to enjoy it while spending time together

-Yugul Kishor Thakur, Shimla

Brand Conscious in Solan

Brand Conscious in SolanHimachali youths are increasingly becoming brand conscious while selecting garments, casuals as well as formals. They have equal liking for Indian and foreign brands. Solan town has become a hub of foreign brands in the recent time as a number of established names like Peter England. Monte Carlo, Lewis, Nike, Adidas, Wrangler, Woodland and others have come up here. Youths are fussy as they prefer to select a particular brand while clothes. However, this is applicable to those who can afford prices of national and international brands. Common and middle class families still prefer purchasing from local market at a much cheaper price as compared to that of reputed brands. Solan is also considered to be a youth hub as a large number of students from Himachal and other states are pursuing their studies in different universities in the area.

Kanishak Sharma* I like new trends as youths look good in cool looks. I have a special liking for clothes as well shoes

-Kanishak Sharma, Solan

Kanishaka Kashyap* Himachali young ladies too want to look good in this era. They also like wearing new trending jeans

-Kanishaka Kashyap, Solan

Crazy For Films in Palampur

As Palampur town has probably the maximum number of screens in cineplexes, people here are choosy in selecting a destination to watch movie of their choice. Youths are more crazy as cineplexes too offer latest Bollywood movies. However, they too have their liking for Bollywood stars as they think that only a couple stars perfrom outstandingly on the silver screen. Before heading for a movie, they check the star cast of the movie with lead male and female actors figuring at the top of their priority list. On the other hand middle aged people give credence to the film story as they are influenced by reviews appearing in the media. However, all sections of the society keep a watch on facilities in cineplexes and ticket rates.

Naveen Walia* Star cast of any film is important as presence of certain artists enhances its chances of success

-Naveen Walia, Palampur

Mukes Koundahl* One can judge about the film from their teasers. Youths like action and comedy films

-Mukes Koundahl, Palampur

-By Jaideep Rehan/Palampur

Youths Like Bikes in Mandi

Jasvir Singh

NEWSHimachali youths in Mandi district have a liking for motorbikes even as all brands of vehicles have their showrooms in this district. It has emerged as automobile hub of the state as one can find any brand of vehicle here. Though families are purchasing small cars suitable for hilly roads, youths are still crazy for bikes. There are numerous reasons for their choice as they find it easy for any reason; be it going to college or on a long drive. They feel that it is easy to maneuver two wheelers as the traffic is rapidly increasing on hilly roads.

Vikrant Thakur* Driving a bike is more comfortable than a four wheeler. It is fun to drive a two wheeler while presenting one’s driving style

-Vikrant Thakur, Mandi

Suraj Dhiman* Maneuvering a bike is easy as compared to a four wheeler as number of vehicles is ever increasing on Himachali roads

-Suraj Dhiman, Mandi

Ritik Chauhan* Driving a bike provides a new look to Himachali youths who are crazy about trendy bikes available in the market

-Ritik Chauhan, Mandi

Rohit Saini* One can notice all happenings around while driving a bike. It also saves time while driving through crowded places in towns

-Rohit Saini, Mandi

February 18th, 2017



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