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What Trump’s Nationalism Means To India

Prof N.K. Singh

Former Chairman International Airports Authority of India

NEWSGlobal politics has taken a new revolutionary turn with the emergence of Donald Trump on the world scenario. It has both domestic impact on the US and also international impact which will impact India also. His swearing in has etched out the profile of coming events that seem to be casting dark shadows on some of the regions in the world. And some ways, it could also bring cheer to his country and even India. It may be too early to make definitive statements but it is clear that his thinking as spelled out during campaign and swearing in has given signals of drastic changes that seem to be lurking in the future. Trump has made it clear that he will pursue rabid nationalism to protect interest of US and bring back the glory of its greatness. It will mean protectionism for many and it will also result in protective measures to impose tariffs on goods. Trump is rightly delimiting the Chinese expansionism by putting blockages on their undervalued cheap goods and one China policy. It has already rattled Chinese and some of these measures are bound to create a cold war if not active engagement between two countries. In taking this stand, he has extended hand of friendship to Russia.

The world order is fast changing with traditional block war of soviet allies and US allies dissolving in new world order. New paradigm shift will move US closer to Russia, Britain, Japan and India. Trump has already sounded alarm for eliminating Islamic terrorism. Pakistan and other allied nations supporting terror will need to reorient their policies or face stringent measures from US. The emerging new axis is in favour of India which is pursuing similar nationalism and has moved closer to US, Japan and Russia.

There are things which worried Indians about immigration policy of Trump and his declaration that he will protect jobs and industry in the US. He will make moves that will hit outsourcing and Indian IT sector. But in the long run, it will harm US as the costs will rise. And he will have to make compromise on giving way to efficient low cost operation giving US an edge on the world business specially when China unleashed price war in business and competition will demand prudence. On the other hand, his stand on terror is following the path enunciated by Modi himself and he would be a good associate in eliminating the menace.

There is a strange similarity between Modi and Trump in not only following nationalism but the way they have been victims of a hostile ecosystem. Rightly hurt, he gave a dressing down to the media by description ‘journalists are most dishonest human being on the earth’. There is no doubt that entire media in US was putting out stories of sordid performance by Trump and no one expected him to win. Stories were spun but these emanated from the mindset that determined left of centre intellectual approach that had pervaded the entire writing world so far. Although, Modi has not been harsh like him on the media but it is true that most of the media, specially the foreign media, did not treat him kindly. In a recent survey of 27 countries, Indian media is ranked second from the bottom in trust. Trump had quarrel with media on reporting his swearing in where different versions of crowd were shown thus continuing fight.

Trump has brought a cataclysm in use of political language as he says things that many will feel are correct but not stating it to avoid controversy. Not only what he told the media but even his description of terror as Islamic terror is first time used by any top leader. Even Modi could not dare to use it. Similarly, the way he told China to keep the drone captured by him is not what any diplomat will do. But he is brusque and straight talker without mincing words. Can he succeed in this way is the question many commentators ask but he is now for his term and will do what he has stated.

The entire global scenario is changing with the advent of Trumpism and only the future will tell if it results in good gains for the country but it is obvious that nationalism is succeeding. Russia, Japan, Britain and India are already moving towards it. At the same time one cannot ignore globalisation which Trump will have to admit and practice as the tidal wave of global order is hitting the nook and corner of the world.

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