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SC and ST Development Corporation

 Raghav Guleria
Of the total 22 Corporations in the state, the government has already given indication of extending a helping hand to at least 12 which are making huge losses. The Chief Minister was categorical while stating that none of them would be closed. He has in fact instructed the Chief Secretary to have a quarterly review of all these so that an atmosphere of trust is created improving their fiscal health. Government has already shown its concerns for the State Electricity Board by extending help to it and making budgetary provisions for the state owned transport, HRTC. The government had in the past merged the ones having operational similarities. But experts feel that mere cosmetic repairs would not make any appreciable difference. Himachal This Week has decided to take up one PSU each week to single out the problems and the possible remedy. This week, we have taken Himachal Pradesh Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation, HPSCSTDC which is serving the underprivileged for the last 34 years. It came into being in 1979 as an organization extending a helping hand in the shape of financial assistance to the people belonging to schedule caste. In 1984, it started to serve both SC and ST. The Corporation is playing a sheet anchor role for the upliftment of people belonging to both schedule caste and schedule tribes. According to the census report, the state has 25% SC and 4% ST population. The Corporation is helping the people belonging to SC and ST families with financial assistance for any income generating activity. Except for housing or transport any other venture which generally includes agriculture or service sector a loan of Rs 50000 is advanced carrying a 4% meager rate of interest and a subsidy amounting to Rs 10000 once in a life time. Though the primary objective of the organization is social welfare it generates income in the shape of interest accrued on the loan amount lying unutilized in the banks. This huge chunk of money is utilized for the running of the Corporation which is self sustaining. Over the years many have benefited from this corporation but somehow it has gone in the red. The outstanding bad debt is touching alarming proportions. Around Rs 11 crore is unrecoverable and the cumulative loss has risen to Rs 3.76 crore.
PSUs in the Red
The recent anxiety shown by Virbhadra led government that it is not in favour of closure must have come as music to the ears for all the workers in various Corporations.  Loss making PSUs have got a lease of life as the state has decided to fuel them with budgetary provisions. Political hobnobbing and lack of professionalism in management has already done a lot of harm to these organizations which now need to wake up and bring in corporate culture bidding adieu to the government mindset of chalta hai.
(Loss in crores)
Power Board     Rs 1407
HRTC     Rs 653
HPMC     Rs 70
Forest Corporation     Rs 35
Milk Fed     Rs 21
Hatkargha     Rs 20
Agro Industries     Rs 20
HPTDC     Rs 17
Himfed     12 crore
Minorities     Rs 4
General Industries     Rs 3.5
How it came into being?
Himachal Pradesh Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation was established on 14th November, 1979 under the enactment of Himachal Pradesh Government. Initially this corporation was established solely to uplift economic status of the Scheduled Caste families and the initial name of this corporation was “Himachal Pradesh Scheduled Castes Development Corporation”. In the year 1984 the Government of Himachal Pradesh and Government of India decided to entrust the work of providing financial assistance to Scheduled Tribe families of Himachal Pradesh to this corporation, as such the nomenclature of corporation was changed to “Himachal Pradesh Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes Development Corporation.
Schemes Run by the Corporation
1.    Swarojgar Yojna
Financial Assistance up to Rs.50,000/- for setting up & expansion of Income generating vocations.
2.    Himswablamban Yojna
To provide loans for Projects Costing more than Rs.50,000/- in collaboration with NSFDC and NSTFDC
3.    Study Loan
To provide loan upto Rs.1,50,000/- for a full course of five years
4.    Study Loan Scheme In Collaboration With NSFDC
To provide loan upto Rs. 7.50 Lac for a full course of 5 Years
5.    Dalit Varg Vayavsaik Prashikshan Yojna
To provide training to the SC and ST youth in traditional and non-traditional trades through ITI/ Private Institution/ Master Craftsman
6.    Construction of Shop/Shed Scheme    

(Laghu Vikray Kendra Yojna)     Loan to the MunicipalCorporation/  Committees/ Nagar Panchayats/ Blocks Samitis/ GramPanchayats for Construction of Shops/Sheds for SC’s/ST’s .
7.    Hast Shilp Vikas Yojna  

Corporation provides working capital assistance up to Rs.5000/- to individual as well as Group/ Society/Association of artisans.
8.    Small Business Yojna (NSFDC)
To meet the small Financial need of poor Scheduled Castes families to start small and petty business individually, the term loans assistance up to Rs 50,000/-

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