An Open Letter to Modi for Ushering in Transformation

Prof.  N.K.  Singh

Dear Modi ji

Prof.  N.K.  SinghThe nation has given you unprecedented mandate and blessings for your agenda of change and transformation. I have been in Varanasi in our management college and interacted with hundreds of students and teachers who also worked for you. Every one of the young minds is looking forward to ‘ache din aane wale hai’. Such overwhelming support I have seen in the eyes of youth and they have fervent hope for the new era of good governance and economic transformation that will create more manufacturing output and more agricultural related productivity generating jobs and growth. When I wrote much before your results of election ‘Time to reclaim honour and economy of India’, I had forecasted 290-303 seats for you. You have exceeded my expectations. It is emotional response of the whole nation and it is surging love for you and your work that has enabled such metamorphosis. You have already achieved a few landmark results that are not being fully appreciated. You have generated a new humanism that has care and sensitivity for all human beings. I mooted this in my book Mantras for Managers (Springer) that capitalism and socialism are indistinguishable in rat race of materialism and what we need is new humanism about which our Shastras said ‘sarve bhavantu sukhina’ or Ghalib alluded when he wrote ‘ham muvahid hain hamara kaish he tarke rasoom. Militen jab mit gayen ajza e iman ho gayen (I believe in one faith and don’t care about rituals, when petty castes disappear great faith emerges). This is so close to vedantic one force concept. Secularism is dead notion as even when the Constitution of India was drawn, equal treatment underlined this. To garner votes from minorities this word of secularism was introduced later through amendment in the Constitution. All talk about secularism and communalism was aimed at capturing vote bank. You refused to do this politics and said in the name of religion you will not seek votes. You also said my religion is the Constitution of India. What more can be affirmed to set at rest the anxiety of minorities? If you have got such a massive mandate even minorities have voted for you. You did one more landmark thing that you abolished the domain of caste politics practiced by wiping out Mulaym Singhs and Mayavatis or Lalu Yadavs. It is pity that Kejriwal too indulged in this politics. First time India rejected such divisionists. Let it be our credo that we are one India. Some Foggy headed old leaders are greatest blocks to the unifying country and letting your party grow with urgent development agenda. They must not be allowed to prevail and at least in UP where these fundamentalists or communalists, who had throttled true democracy, have been shown the door. After ten years of rot in the government we will have in you a true leader and a real Prime Minister. World is already stirred with this massive change and recognizing the power of leadership. I hope you will in future also give this nation the power and direction which a leader only is capable of. First time India has a face that can be seen decisively and as you said you will look into their eyes for responsive world leaders as a nation of one billion people should look. While you will stand with the ideal of sarva smbhav you will protect the national pride. I am sure you have cleaning of corruption and unclogging the machinery of government on your agenda but in my view most urgent thing to retune the structure of Central and state governments. We have plethora of ministries created due to political needs and not in the interest of efficient work. Your immediate task is to restructure the government and train the civil services to serve the objectives of growth and development. You must bring back meritocracy lost in this country due to compromises for vote banks. Napoleon ushered in merit for appointment to high government position in France and so was the case of Han dynasty of China. In our country Chanakya practiced it in sculpting the role of Chandragupta. The power and strength of United States of America is not its nuclear weapon but its people who follow meritocracy and creative capacity. No country can progress without talent and creative genius of its professional leaders and scientists. From a tea boy to the Prime Minister is a long journey and you proved your mettle. You are not product of a dynasty but hard work and gift of leadership. Let it be the charter for all the young seeking to achieve the heights of glory in science, industry, trade and management. History is written by winners and you are writing hopefully a golden era of India.


A servant of the nation.

May 24th, 2014


Drug Mafia Flourishing Dangerously in Himachal

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May 24th, 2014


Readers’ Response

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May 24th, 2014


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May 24th, 2014


Virbhadra on Back Foot after LS Election Results

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May 24th, 2014


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May 24th, 2014


Shortage of Cops, Increasing Crime

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May 24th, 2014


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May 24th, 2014


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May 24th, 2014



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