River Rafting in Himachal

A Package of Fun and Thrill

For adventure lovers, Himachal Pradesh is a destination par excellence. Amongst many adventure sports that can be enjoyed in Himachal, trekking, skiing, gliding and rafting are the most popular ones. The last one, rafting, is also known as the white water rafting and can be enjoyed to the maximum extent in the state of Himachal. The reason for this is the presence of a number of snow fed rivers in the state that rush down the Himalayan ranges and make their way through the various regions. These rivers bumping, swirling and rolling present wonderful stretch of water for rafting enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, the rivers of upper Himalayas are considered the best in the entire world for enjoying rafting. River-rafting or white-water rafting as it is also called is swiftly making Himachal a focus for the sport. For a torrent of adrenalin to gush through every vein and surge over every muscle you can race over the State’s river rapids in an inflatable rubber dinghy. With water rushing at great speed and sometimes even splashing at your body and face, you feel completely delighted. Moreover, the sights enroute will give a new dimension and direction to your imagination.

 Best Season to Enjoy Rafting in Himachal

The first important thing to know about rafting in Himachal is the season in which it can be enjoyed. Summers, spring and autumn are the time to go on a rafting since during winters and part of monsoons, this sport is stopped for a while.

Equipments Required for River Rafting

Equipments for rafting include dinghy (inflatable rubber life raft), lifejackets and helmets. Apart from these do not forget sunglasses, shorts, T-shirts, suitable shoes, a windproof jacket, a light sweater, towels, a flashlight and not to forget, a camera and first aid kit.

 Rafting Places in Himachal

Come spring and it’s time for Himachal Pradesh to gear up for the sport of White Water Rafting. The untamed rivers in the upper Himalayas are amongst the best for a thrilling experience. Chenab in Lahaul, Ravi near Chamba, Sutlej near Shimla, and Beas near Kullu are the four major rivers that traverse through the state.

White Water Rafting in Sutlej, Near Shimla

One of the most challenging rivers to raft in the Indian Himalayas is the Sutlej. Rafting on Sutlej is possible around the stretches that cover Tattapni. The place gets its name from the sulphur springs in the region. It is 50 km from Shimla and can be easily reached by car. Three different rafting stretches have been marked here according to the degree of difficulty. The first is a stretch of 3km at Sunni, a small village on the banks of Sutlej. The easiest of them all, it entertains even the non-swimmers. The next stretch extends 12 km in Chabba, and it offers medium difficulty, and is more exciting than the one at Sunni. Grade II rapids flow through this stretch, and it takes about an hour and a half to reach Tattapani.

 Rafting in Chandrabhagga (Chenab) in Lahaul

Sep 2011 was the year to mark the opening of the Lahaul and Spiti area for water sports including river rafting. Koksar, the gateway to Lahaul Spiti is the starting point for river rafting in the region. From there, a 90 kms stretch upto Tandi, which is the point where Rivers Chandra and Bhaga merge to make the Chnadrabhaga (Chenab) entering through Pattan Valley.

April 19th, 2014


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April 12th, 2014


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April 12th, 2014


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