“Hanooz Dilli Door Ast”

Prof.  N.K. Singh

Prof.  N.K. SinghThis was uttered by Nizamudin Aulya who cared for common people but a King had threatened to finish him after returning to Delhi from a campaign. When Sufi saint was told this, he said this that Delhi is far off yet. And as it happened, the king died while entering Delhi due to accident. It is used to describe the situation when one counts the chickens before they are hatched. Today in Delhi every political party is saying the same to others. The fiercest battle for Delhi supremacy is being fought this time between political parties who are vying for power. After getting debunked in last election where out of 400 and odd candidates it lost deposit of almost all AAP has grown wiser. But the beginning itself was wrong as any new party should have started with small state and put all its resources to gain power in one and later expanded itself. Famous story of Chander Gupta and Chanakya getting defeated in the battle with King of Patliputra narrates two fugitives in a forest taking shelter in a home. The house wife is cooking meal and giving to her children when a child singes her hand when she tries to break a hot Chapati in the centre. The women, who did not know that her guests were famous duo, rebuked her child saying ‘Don’t try to foolishly act like Chander Gupta who is trying to attack centre whereas the right course is to take a small victory in the small place and then build up. So break your chapatti in small measure and then attack its main part”. When both the guests heard it they were enlightened and without taking food left the home. They acted on her advice e and won battles in the small measure to finally attack the main force at Patliputra. This story had not been read by the leaders of AAP and on winning a battle with Sheila Dixit they got so excited that they threw the biggest challenge to fight with PM candidate Modi in Varanasi. They squandered their resources and fell flat. Now they are fighting where in small measure they have some resource and giving their best do or die performance. This goes in favor of AAP and they are likely to gain from it.

AAP floundered after their short term escape from government of 49 days time and again. Varanasi was misadventure as well as spreading too thin in giving tickets all over. Now again they have shown that they can indulge in theatrics by telling false stories such as Kejriwal creating sensation after reaching Varanasi that there will be attack on him but nothing happened, five attacks with stone, shoes and ink have taken place which they blamed on the BJP but it turned out all by his own members. They charged 11 ministers of UPA with corruption and Gadkari too. They failed to prove any charge and had to apologize to Gadkari. Kejriwal refused to follow court order and went to jail and later compromised. Dharna was staged by CM and for three days, Delhi was paralyzed for suspending policemen in Bharathi-women episode and later only two police men sent to leave satisfied them. Latest in the series of such misconduct is the declaration of Kejriwal to his followers ‘Take money from the BJP and Congress but vote for us. If they don’t give, go to their offices and demand money.’ The Congress has already filed a case for breach of code of conduct with Election Commission. Such a declaration is nothing short than open anarchism. Still he commands crowds and failure of Congress to come up will benefit him. I think even four seats of Muslim candidates who won last time will go to AAP and Congress will be loser. Kejrwal has faced exodus from his party, there is race to join the BJP. No longer had I found in Delhi three-wheelers carrying his posters as was the case last time. I counted only 2 out of 80 displaying his posters. What is the secret of his still popularity is a puzzle. I asked in Delhi a number of so-called experts and they forecast a hung assembly in Delhi. A BJP fan whispered to me “I have support for the BJP but will vote for AAP’, surprised I asked him ‘Why?’. His answer was’ there should be some shor shraba and acrobatics’. Is it his entertainment value for the young or his anarchist posture that lures people? The political situation in Delhi is fluid with AAP and BJP in stiff fight and Congress not likely to retain its own seats in the outcome. Finally there is probability of BJP forming the government and in that case AAP in good number could be an obstructive opposition. But hanooz dilli door ast and no one is sure.

Bus Stand

First Passenger: Why officials of Himachal instead of preparing a debt ridden budget are reading Ghalib?

Second Passenger: They are reciting ‘Karz ki peete the maie aur yeh samajhate the ki han/Rang layegi hamari faqa masti ek din’

January 24th, 2015


Privatise HPTDC Hotels, Government Rest Houses

Pinki Ramaul From a partially controlled and centrally planned economy, India is slowly emerging into the market economy. This is emphasised with the abandonment of Planning Commission and the emergence of the NITI (National Institution for Transforming India) Aayog. The role of the state must be redefined based on the altered realities. The public sector as a whole does not have to play a role in providing hospitality services in major tourist destinations where the private sector has established adequate […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Implement New Mining Policy Strictly to Tackle Illegal Mining

D.R. Saklani The degrading environment balance is the most nerve-racking issue for the entire world at present. Aspects like land and water pollution, excessive felling of trees, numerous dams and illegal mining are hinting us to be wary in near future. But despite that efforts of improvements are not visible on ground. Ironically, human race had paid the price of industrialization process, which it considers the parameter of growth, numerous times in the past and there is no doubt that […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Readers’ Response

Himachal’s Failed Tourism This is regarding Himachal This Week’s cover story of January 10, “Himachal’s Failed Tourism.” It is true that nature has bestowed immense beauty to this hilly state but the tourism potential has not been tapped to the fullest. As a result, the desired economic growth and generation of employment opportunities remain under achieved. Various governments in the state have only focused on hotel industry in the name of promoting tourism sector but lack of proper connectivity poor […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Word Spat Raises Political Temperature

Word Spat Raises Political TemperatureHimachal This Week The war of words between Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh and Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal has increased the political temperature of the hill state. During meet the press programme in Una, Chief Minister Virbhadra alleged that mud-slinging on personal life of others has become a routine affair for Dhumal. But now when the heat of investigations has reached to him, he is overreacting, he added. “There are numerous cases pending against him in court, on which […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Personal Duels of Chiefs of two Parties Over looking State Interest

Personal Duels of Chiefs of two Parties Over looking State InterestHimachal This Week Himachal is suffering from many political and economic ills and most of this emanate from its two party system. As there is no third force one who does not belong to one party is surely considered opponent in the other party. The Hindustan-Pakistan attitude percolates to common workers and citizens. This is bound to affect the overall interest of the work done in the state. Present and former chief ministers are fighting an intense war of words […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


National Ambulance Services Survey Report

171 Deadly Spots in Himachal Ashwani Pandit A survey carried by GVK EMRI 108 National Ambulance Services has come out with startling facts about number of black spots on serpentine roads of Himachal. The survey reveals that out of 503 black spots on roads of Himachal, 171 are turning out to be bloodthirsty. Repeated accidents on these spots have become a routine issue. Surprisingly the age category of victims of 11,241 road accidents was between of 19 – 30 years. […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Sirmaur Deities End Fight after 1500 Years

Sirmaur Deities End Fight after 1500 YearsHimachal This Week Himachal is called Devbhoomi because of so many deities reside here. The state has a very interesting history as far as local deities of the state are concerned. People too possess a strong believe in these deities. Here is an interesting story of two deities of Sirmaur. Shirgul Devta and Bijjat Maharaj are centuries old deities of Himachal situated at Churdhar in Sirmaur. Both deities had a centuries old fight but now after 1, 500 year, both […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


From Rags to Riches

From Rags to RichesHimachal’s Vijay Singh Ready to Hit Theatre A struggling model in Mumbai after getting an opportunity to appear on TV through a reality show Bachelorette India had gained immense popularity at the national level. The show also proved a milestone in his life as now that struggling model Vijay Singh enters the Bollywood. The Bachelorette India was an Indian television reality show which featured Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat who was finding ‘The perfect bachelor’ for herself. At the end of […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015


Modelling Awesome Profession for Youngsters

Modelling Awesome Profession for YoungstersModelling today has become one of the most sought after career options for youngsters in India. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, though there was a time when females dominated the field. With the expansion of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with upsurge in fashion industry have made modeling an attractive career option. It has generated a large […] विस्तृत....

January 24th, 2015



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