Petty Politics Hurting Development of Himachal

Sanjeev Kumar

(The writer is a freelancer based in Kangra)

Seven decades are about to finish since Himachal Pradesh came into existence. The hill state in this long time has traversed a lengthy journey of development, whether it reflects in form of official figures or in the form of awards conferred upon state. But still every Himachali should analyse as how much the hill state lost due to low level politics? Whether it is the government of the BJP or Congress, mutual consensus among ruling party and opposition for the rights and benefits of the state remained a far cry, due to which Central government and neighbouring states looted natural resources of the state. It would not be wrong to say that the state and people of the state paid the price of rivalry between political families. One such example of political victim is Central University of Himachal Pradesh.

Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh wants it in Dharamshala while Hamirpur MP Anurag Thakur is determined to establish it in Dehra. Now somebody needs to tell them that both Dehra and Dharamshala fall in Himachal Pradesh. It is ironical that even foundation of premier institute could not be laid down in five years since it was announced for Himachal. The bigger question from political class is that for how much will the people of the state keep bearing the loss because of their clashes?

Do you know that debt on Himachal has reached to Rs. 35,000 crore and is constantly increasing? And the chief minister instead of cost reduction increased the facilities of MLAs. Everybody saw that how the opposition that carried walkouts in each and every other issue remained quiet on the topic. Does the honourable MLAs are apprised of the fact that figure of unemployed youth has touched to 15 lakh? Do the leaders of the state know that the Punjab and Haryana governments have till yet not given the royalties and due rights of the state on hydel power projects?

Do the leaders know that Bhakra and Pong dam oustees have not been rehabilitated properly till yet? Why despite huge potential in tourism, things don’t change here? Don’t leaders of the state know that Himachal goes empty handed in every rail budget? The ruling and opposition party keeps drumming in favours of their party in the centre even if the union government has not extended any benefits to the state. Why the due rights of the state are sacrificed for hailing their party’s union government? Show loyalties to the respective party but rise above petty politics and create mutual consensus for the benefit of the state. Himachal will turn a developed state when ruling and opposition party together in one voice will fight for the rights of Himachal.

May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015


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May 2nd, 2015



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