Simplyfy Rules for Transfer of Subsidy on LPG Cylinders

Hari Mitter Bhagi

Himachal is known for its green forests, flowing rivers and snow clad mountains. These are the things that attract tourists towards this hilly state. The subsidy on LPG cylinders too was provided with an aim to protect forests and environment of hill state. But the state and Union governments have made things difficult for common people of Himachal by linking it with Aadhar and bank account number. It is difficult for a poor person to shell out Rs. 1100 for a LPG cylinder in one entire go. It disturbs his monthly budget entirely. Some of them even don’t have this much of amount on time. Earlier people were dependent on wood and coal, but now people even in the remotest parts of Himachal are dependent on LPG cylinder for cooking. In such a condition it will be very difficult for a common Himachali to first shell out more than one thousand rupee for a LPG cylinder and then wait for subsidy to balance his monthly budget. The government will have to simplify the rules, as the public has to face problems due to complexity in rules. Prime Minister Narender Modi too forces on simplification of rules. If government has intentions of providing subsidy to public, then what is the use and aim behind making things complicated and difficult? The government instead should reduce VAT on LPG gas to provide relief to the consumers. Focus should be on improving distribution system, removing booking system and providing information to the consumers of day of availability of gas in the respective area. The quota of subsidized cylinders should also be fixed at a minimum of 12 cylinders. Union government is providing relief to masses by reducing the prices of petrol and diesel. The state government should also act in such a direction such that public feels relieved instead of burdened. The UPA government lost Lok Sabha elections only because the benefit of policies launched by the government did not reach  masses because of complexity in it. The government should initiate to make rules easier and save the public from vicious circle of retrieving subsidy on LPG cylinder through bank accounts linked with Aadhar cards.

November 22nd, 2014


Introduce Lantana based Industries to Save Vegetation in Himachal

Bachan Singh Ghatwal The colourful flowers grown on lantana grass in abandoned fields, forests and nearby areas inadvertently attracts one’s attention. But the proliferation of ever green lantana grass is an alarming threat to both animals and survival of other plants. All forms of lantana are thought to be toxic, with the red-flowered forms being the most dangerous to stock. These dense weeds affect over large area and many other plants near to it either loses their existence or gets […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Readers’ Response

Mushroom Farming Mushrooms in Himachal This is regarding Himachal This Week’s cover story of November 6, “Mushroom Farming Mushrooms in Himachal.” There is no doubt that Himachal offers congeneial atmosphere for growing of mushrooms even under natural conditions. This sector can provide ample self employmenet opprtunities to educated unemployed youth in Himachal. Only thing required is to motivate them towards vocation, facilitate them by providing proper training and ensuring remunerative prices for their produce. Himachal faces a huge gap in […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Winter Session at Dharamshala from December 5

Winter Session at Dharamshala from December 5Himachal This Week The eight-day winter session of the Himachal Pradesh legislative assembly will begin from December 5 at Tapovan in Dharamshala. The session will include seven sittings and will end on December 12. This time, the number of sittings has been increased as the last session was adjourned prematurely due to a stand-off between the treasury and opposition benches. Earlier, the 24-day monsoon session, which began on August 6, was scheduled to continue till August 29 with 11 more […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Politicians, Journalists Letting down Himachal

Politicians, Journalists Letting down HimachalHimachal This Week It is misfortune of the state that it has not as yet groomed such politicians who will stand to fight for the casuse of the state interests. There is no progress on the access to state either by train or air except in a very limited way and that too was provided by British mostly. The roads are dilipidated or ill maintained and even many areas of the state, especially in northern fringe districts there is no […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Shimla Emerges Overall Winner in RGKA

Shimla Emerges Overall Winner in RGKAAshwani Pandit Shimla team emerged overall winner in the state level rural sports tourney organised under Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan at Government Boys Senior Secondary School, Bilaspur. In Athletics, Ayush Sharma from Una clinched the best athlete title in boys category and in girls category, Seema from Chamba remained best athlete. In athletics (girls category), Suman from Sirmaur won 100 meter race, while Sapna from Shimla bagged first position in 400 meter race. Lata and Seema from Chamba clinched first […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Gender Equality Not Achievable Till 2095: WEF Report

Gender Equality Not Achievable Till 2095: WEF ReportY.S. Rana Tall claims of every successive government about gender equality belie by the recent Global Gender Survey-2014 conducted by the World Economic Forum. India continues to backslide from 2006. According to the Global Gender Gap Index (GGG), India ranked 114 with score of 0.646 of the 142 countries while it was ranked at 101 in 2013 survey. The poor ranking is attributed to increased violence against women and series of rape cases that reverberated around the world. “India is […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Himachal’s First 3D Cinema Theatre Opens in Nurpur

Himachal's First 3D Cinema Theatre Opens in NurpurBaljit Chambiyal The first 3D cinema of Himachal has come up in Nurpur town of Kangra district. People here can enjoy digital and full HD films all day long. Young entrepreneur of Nurpur area Surajkant has opened a mall named ‘A City Walk’ in Nurpur to provide cinema experience of films to people of the area. The mall houses e-max cinema theatre, restaurant, café, luxury rooms and shopping complex under one roof. The unique feature of e-max cinema in Nurpur […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Flourishing Highway Tourism in Himachal

Flourishing Highway Tourism in HimachalBhupinder Thakur Hill State Himachal is enriched with divine beauty, due to that; it attracts many tourists towards its beautiful places. There are many food points in Himachal where tourists enjoy Himachali food as well as many Indian and other cuisines. But these days highway tourism is flourishing in the state providing many food items for people on the roadside reharis or shops. Kalka-Shimla highway is the biggest example of highway tourism in the state where people enjoy different types […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014


Excellent Opportunities in Data Entry Service

Excellent Opportunities in Data Entry ServiceData Entry, as the name suggests, is the process of entering data into a computerized database or a spread sheet. Data Entry Specialists transfer / enter data held on manual records to computer files and ensure that important data is collated, processed and stored appropriately for business use. They are responsible for transferring both words and numerical data into spreadsheets or databases. Data entry operators are in charge of updating, maintaining and retrieving information which is held in a companies […] विस्तृत....

November 22nd, 2014



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