Himachal Pioneered Cooperative Movement in India

Shakeel Qureshi

Himachal Pradesh was the founder state of co-operatives in the country as the first cooperative society of the country was constituted here in 1892 at Panjawar area of Una district. Thakur Hira singh constituted this society with an objective of soil conservation. Thereafter the reach of cooperative sector increased rapidly in Himachal with the strength of people associated with it reaching well above the 16 lakh mark at present. In fact, there is at least one cooperative society registered in every village of Himachal, which clearly indicates how strong is the desire among Himachalies to move forward taking everybody along with them. Notably, during the formulation of first five year plan, there were only 843 Co-operatives societies in the state with membership of 25,000, whereas now the state had 4793 Co-operative societies with over 16 lakhs members and share capital of Rs. 272 crore and deposits of Rs 17177 crores. These societies had a working capital of Rs. 22167 crore.

The cooperative society act was constituted in India in 1904 and Himachal constituted its cooperative society act in 1968. Thereafter rules for it were framed in 1971. In Himachal, there are more than 16 lakh people associated with cooperative societies. These people have not only paved way for self-employment opportunities through cooperative movement but has also transformed the socio-economic life of the community. There are numerous banks working under cooperative societies where not only people are investing their money but they are also extending banking facilities to the people even in the remotest corner of the hill state. The cooperative banks including the Kangra Central Cooperative Bank, Jogindera Central Cooperative Bank etc are providing best of the banking facilities to the people of hill state. Besides this small cooperative societies at village level are also encouraging people for investment. There are about 2100 primary Krishi Cooperative societies in Himachal that are proving beneficial for farmers.

The cooperative sector is expanding fast in Himachal. Necessary amendments have also been done in the act for the benefit of masses. The continuous registration of new cooperative societies reflects the expansion of cooperative movement.

-Kameshwar Singh Dhaulta, Joint Secretary, Cooperation

Himachal Intensifies Efforts to Secure Chamba Border

Devender Verma

Keeping hyper activities of militants in neighbouring state Jammu and Kashmir in view, Himachal has also taken step to safeguard its territory on Chamba district border. In order to check any insurgency in the state a border check post has been opened at Sansari Nullah. This spot falls in Pangi sector of the district and it will be a maiden post, which will be kept operational even during coming snowfall. Notably, other eight operational check posts on the border have been shifted to lower areas keeping climate in the view. The posts which have been shifted recently include Gullu ki Mandi which now will be operational at Bahandal Sangri of Kihar sector, Satrundi check post to Bairagarh of Tarela sector, Garhmata check post to Beeran of Kihar sector, Khundi Maral to Langera of Kihar, Barula post to Naddal of Kihar, Dappan to Chachul of Tisa sector, Nodaldhar to Mansa of Tarela and Banodi check post has been shifted to Albas of Tarela sector.

However, Himachali security is not dependent only on one check post during intense winters because ambush patrolling search operation on the border has been initiated to take extra care. Able cops of first IRB Bangarh have taken up the charge on the sensitive border of Chamba at present. Prior to this, ITBP had been deployed here until 2012. Notably, district Chamba shares 226 kilometer long border with Jammu and Kashmir which is a large territory to be taken care of and cops need mammoth efforts to safeguard it. No one can forget that it is the same border through which militants had entered in Himachal for the first time on June 23, 1993. After that many low level militancy related activities took place in the area in a short interval. However, after 1993 insurgency incidents stopped because of intensified security by Himachal until 1998. However it was dark night of August 2nd, 1998 when militants entered through Chamba border and killed 24 people in Kalaban and 11 in Satrundi area of Himachal Pradesh. It was a massive blow as it proved that Himachal was also prone to big militant activities.

Sansari Nullah operational check post on Chamba border will not be shifted. This post will stay active throughout the year. However eight check posts have been shifted to low lying areas of the district.

-Virender Tomar, Superintendent of Police, Chamba

Himachal in  Numbers

1         The amount of applications (in lakhs) received for the 154 posts advertised by the Kangra Central Cooperative bank

0.9     The HIV positive percentage rate at present in Himachal. The same was 3.7% in 2007

9         The number of scouts and guides students from Himachal selected for President Camp Award

450    The number of villagers left homeless in the fire incident at Kotla village in Kullu district

November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 21st, 2015


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November 14th, 2015


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November 14th, 2015



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