Modi Rewriting Politics of Kashmir

Prof.  N.K. Singh

Prof.  N.K. SinghJammu and Kashmir is undergoing historic change and Modi has transformed the debate in the valley. High turnout of 72% may be for him and as some claim against him but Modi wins to prove democracy and faith of Kashmir in ballot against bullet of terrorists. In spite of gruesome terror attack in Uri and other places people have virtually declared war on terrorism through electoral process. Being sharp observe of change process Modi did use the words ‘ballot against bullet’ that I have borrowed from him and one national English paper used it at mast head of editorial as the thought of the day.

Jammu -Kashmir has 87constituncies and at present National Conference have 28, Congress 17 PDP 21, 11BJP and 10 others. From all calculations after winning half of the seats and greater number of votes BJP is making its mark in the state first time. BJP was at rank four in the results. In this phase of election there are 148 candidates including CM. There are 64 crorepatis and 9 criminally charged candidates in the race. The 2014 elections in the state are most crucial trials of Indian democracy and the leadership of Modi.  Already terror attacks have gone down as in 2001, 996civilians 2020 terrorists and 536 army personnel were killed but in 2010 it had come down to 47 civilian, 232 terrorists and 69 army personnel killed. It clearly shows decline in violence and now is the time to make Kashmir totally free from terror by strong action and establishing a government of the people.

This is crucial election as it  is also a trial of Modi’s charisma in a very difficult situation since Pakistan and terrorists are all out to disturb the process and separatist have already given a call to boycott elections. So far Modi has scored that even in valley there is record voting and there is no one bothered about separatist call. In last election there were protests and lathi charge on the crowd. But the elections so far have gone very peacefully and the great achievement is that crowds are coming out cheerful and showing their cards in spite of biting chill. First time after 1983 a Prime Minister could address a huge gathering in Sher- e- Kashmir stadium in Srinagar. Modi dared the detractors and terrorists who had held out threats by attacking at  Uri and killing people. No trace of fear was visible and long queues with sizable number of women were seen even much before the opening of the polling office.

The success of polls in Kashmir with record voting is a proof of Modi’s popularity. Some skeptics point out that huge voting is against Modi to stop him. I do not contribute to this theory of defeatism and negative thinking. Common man is as cunning as politicians are to think of defeating someone like this. To me it appears clear that there is visible zest and cheer in the air and it signifies positive vibes for the change and new vision. Modi has already won as the voting proved that J&K has voted already for democracy and rejected terrorism or separatism. It has sounded death knell of Huriyat kind of hatred for India. It is also victory of BJP as from number four rank in J&K the party is sure to emerge as number one or two in the coming results of elections.

It is also message to world that popular vote shows India rightly claims it as willing accession and not forced one. Strangely this concedes with another feather in Modi’s cap as news of more than two hundred countries’ readers of Time magazine choosing him as most popular leader of the world. No leader of the world has struggled so much and in such a short period after becoming the leader of the country reached the apex of international glory. These magnificent feats not only add prestige to him and the nation he represents but also it bestows on him a heavy load of responsibilities to bring change in the destiny of common man.

Bus Stand

First Passenger: Himachal is in debt and in deep financial crisis but crores are being spent on the fuel and cars of the Ministers. What will government do to meet the deficit?

Second Passenger:  Their solution is as Ministers cars will spend more they will add more VAT and public will pay!

December 13th, 2014


Division of Districts isn’t the Only Option for Development

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December 13th, 2014


Declining Standards of Elementary Education

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December 13th, 2014


Readers’ Response

Cold Winter Hot Session at Tapovan This is regarding Himachal This Week’s cover story of November 29, “Cold Winter Hot Session at Tapovan.” People of lower area every year have high hopes as the government moves to Dharamshala for a short Vidhan Sabha session. However, the session will prove more benefecial if it is held for a longer period as a short session too witnesses walkouts by the opposition on various issues. This leaves very little time for discussion on […] विस्तृत....

December 13th, 2014


CM for Strengthening Planning Commission

CM for Strengthening Planning Commission Himachal This Week Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh demanded enhancement in grants to the state from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a meeting of Chief Ministers in New Delhi. Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh said that functioning of Planning Commission in its present form should be strengthened by giving additional functions to meet the challenges of economy and aspirations of the States as it had played a pioneering role during last six decades besides assisting the States in formulation of plans […] विस्तृत....

December 13th, 2014


Trees Supply Fodder for Politics in Vidhan Sabha

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December 13th, 2014


Jharkhand Wins Senior National Tennis Ball Cricket Championship

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December 13th, 2014


God Unsafe in Himachal

God Unsafe in HimachalDevender Verma The god does not seem to be safe in hill state. At least incidents of theft at 127 ancient temples reported in last two years in Himachal corroborate this statement. Thieves have stolen idols worth of several crores in the aforesaid period. 71 temples were looted in the year 2013 in Himachal whereas 56 temples were breached and looted till November this year. Thieves have stolen precious items worth Rs. 94 lakh from temples in 2014. Out of […] विस्तृत....

December 13th, 2014


HP State Cooperative Bank Awarded Best in India

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December 13th, 2014


‘Miss Himachal 2015′

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December 13th, 2014



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