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World Environment Day Should Move Beyond Formal Rituals

Ravi Kumar

(The writer is based at Khajjiar, Chamba)

Ravi KumarThe world environment Day on June 5 was celebrated just a few days ago. Like every year, extensive preparations were carried across the globe to celebrate this day. Every government and non-governmental organisation celebrated this day with wide range of programmes held at various places in Himachal also. The world environment day was conceived with an aim to make people aware about big environmental issues like food wastage, deforestation, global warming etc. The day is celebrated all across the world every year with special theme and slogan. But come June 6 and everything changes as everyone becomes busy in one’s life once again. Does one day awareness campaign will conserve environment? United Nations Organisation announced celebration of world environment day in 1972 and it was first celebrated in 1974. But formality was given more importance than practicality in celebration of the day till this day. This is the reason why the whole world is countering the problem of global warming and climate change now. The effect of green house gases has increased to such an extent in last few decades that the average temperature on earth has witnessed an increase. Notably even half degree centigrade rise in temperature could prove disastrous.

Had been the world environment day’s importance understood in practical, the world would not have been facing such serious problems? We celebrated 44th world environment day recently. Was there any change? In fact the situation has turned from bad to worse. The temperature is witnessing abnormal rise. Almost all big cities of the world including Delhi face pollution problem. Environmental imbalance is leading to flood and drought like situations that is directly hurting agriculture. Mahatma Gandhi had said that earth can fulfill all the needs of human, but not the greed. Importance of environment day increases more for Himachal Pradesh, as nature has blessed it with ample natural resources. In fact the hill state is known only for its natural landscapes. But people have forgottent their responsibilities towards environment due to the materialistic greed. Due to lack of awareness among people towards environmental issues, deforestation is occurring at fast pace which is killing natural beauty of tourists places. Glaciers are melting at a rapid pace in Himalayas which could pose dangerous threats in near future.

1974 Chipko movement is an inspiration for us that proved that participation of local people is important in environment conservation. Only one day in the year is not enough for environment conservation. Efforts should go on all year along to make earth a beautiful place.

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