American Lady Initiates Animal Rescue in Dharamsala

By: Mar 22nd, 2014 12:14 am

Himachal This Week

Himachal This WeekThe biggest issue that today haunts farmers of Himachal is wild animals destroying their crops. The politicians have failed to provide them relief from monkey menace. As a result they are now advocating allowing them to use weapons to save their crops. Whereas on the one hand killing is considered as only option, there is one organization ‘Dharamsala Animal Rescue’, that feels the pain of animals and have come forward to their rescue. However the main focus of the organization is in addressing stray dogs’ problem in a humanitarian way. Traditionally, the Government of India has tried to deal with the street dogs via mass exterminations. Dharamsala Animal Rescue felt that there must be a better way, and from humble beginnings, started to address the street dog issue in as humane way as possible. Dharamsala Animal Rescue spays and neuters street dog helps to provide medical treatment and works to get as many dogs adopted in a forever-home as possible. It also works to raise awareness and change perceptions in India so that dogs can get more humane treatment. Since 2009, the organization has sterilized and vaccinated approximately 1,000 dogs. The dogs then go back onto the streets to live to fend for themselves. But it is not that Dharamsala Animal Rescue has limited themselves to dogs alone. The organisation also has treated hundreds of cats, dogs, donkeys, cows, monkeys, and birds for various injuries and diseases. It has a great local staff and receives additional help from volunteer western veterinarians. Dharamsala Animal Rescue believes in empowering the local  staff and helping them grow in their careers as they take care of these amazing animals.

Some Facts

* There are 35 million stray dogs in India

* 70,000 people die of rabies every year

* 60% of rabies deaths are children under 15

How Organisation Came into Existence

Himachal This WeekDeb Jarrett, founder of Dharamsala Animal Rescue volunteered at a preschool in Dharamsala in 2008. The children were unforgettable, but her heart was taken by an injured dog she saw outside the school. When she mentioned her concern for the dog to the people who lived in the village, it was received by indifference. Saddened by the reactions and feeling helpless, she accidentally crossed path with a local man who knew someone who could help. A volunteer vet was sent to help. Miraculously, her actions and concern sparked a change. Today the dog Tommy is healthy and cared for by the people of the same village. Upon returning home to the USA, Deb created Dharamsala Animal Rescue to raise
awareness about the animals of Dharamsala and fund local projects.

Facilities Offered by Organisation

Mobile Clinic Facilities

Himachal This WeekThe organization has a mobile clinic staffed with a veterinarian, veterinarian assistant and volunteers and runs daily. With the facility of mobile clinic, problem of having to transport all dogs/animals to a primary shelter constricted by size and staff diminishes. The organization engages the locals to help with the treatment and recovery of the diseased animal, which may include feeding, administering medicine, and calling them again if more problems arise. By being in the different villages and suburbs regularly, the organization has formed long lasting relationships with the locals and work together to improve and expand their services including local Animal Birth Control (spay/neuter) camps.

Clinic, Adoption Center

The organization has also opened a new clinic in the village of Rakkur, Dharamsala. Currently the organization is taking care of 12 animals including malnourished puppies, dogs with broken bones from car accidents etc. The organization is also starting ABC/AR (Animal Birth Control/Anti Rabies) programme and working to get many dogs adopted.

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