BJP Unites to Confront Himachal Government

The two-day long state BJP executive meeting at Dharamshala provided the party an opportunity

May 2nd, 2015 12:30 am

Pawan Kumar Sharma         (Cover Story)

htwThe two-day long state BJP executive meeting at Dharamshala provided the party an opportunity to rejuvenate its rank and file with its national president Amit Shah registering his presence in the meeting. The party is seemingly coming into election mode in Himachal and is buoyant over its victory in Lok Sabha elections a year ago. Political analysts say that debacle of BJP’s prospects in Kangra district during last assembly election is the main reason behind holding state executive meet at Dharamshala to regain its lost ground here. However it has to launch ‘Mission Kangra Plus’ before launching its ‘Mission 2017’ to win over people of this largest district who felt deprived of developmental activities during the previous BJP rule in Himachal. The BJP national president Amit Shah directed state leaders to sink their differences and work for strngthening the party.

Shanta, Dhumal Show Unity

htwIt has been a long time since two senior leaders in the state BJP, Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal, were seen sharing a stage but the scene was different in Dharamshala. They not only had a closed door meeting but also remained together during the entire day thus sending a strong signal of unity in the party. There have been reports regarding differences between two stalwarts of the party but they gave a pleasant message to party workers. Shanta Kumar registered his full presence in the state BJP meeting after a long time. Notably, he had also attended a meeting of Jansangh’s founder Shyama Prasad Mukherjee 63 years ago at Dharamshala.

‘Work for BJP, not for any Person’

htwThe BJP’s national president Amit Shah minced no words in directing Himachal BJP leaders to sink differences and work for strengthening the party. Addressing state executive meeting, he categorically advised senior party leaders to connect themselves with the party rather than working for a specific person. “Workers should work dedicatedly so that BJP government comes to power in Himachal but os never ousted. It can only be achieved if party workers sink their differences once for all,” he added, exhorting them to create an environment like other states in favour of the BJP.

Resolve to Corner Himachal Government

htwThe BJP state executive meeting resolved to corner the ruling party in Himachal while appreciating the 11 month rule of the Modi government at the centre.  It also decided to oppose the Sports Bill while accusing the police of working at the behest of the government. The BJP spokesperson Randhir Sharma moved the political resolution that was seconded by state secretary Indu Goswami and MLA Suresh Bhardwaj. Randhir Sharma charged that land; forest, mining and liquor mafias were active where nothing has been done for the development of common people during the tenure of Congress government. The BJP also took government to the task on issues like raising Rs. 8000 crore loan in two years and deteriorating law and order situation.

400 Participants in Meeting

Nearly 400 participants attended two day state executive meeting of the BJP here. The BJP has become largest political party in the state as it has 13.7 lakh members, claimed party leaders

Beware of Congress in Panchayat Elections: Satti

The state BJP president Satpal Satti cautioned party workers that Congress can indulge in bungling in upcoming panchayat elections later this year. He asserted the need to bring dedicated, honest and committed workers to the fore front in the organizational elections besides exhorting workers to repeat the performance of Lok Sabha elections in upcoming panchayat and local bodies’ election.

‘Will Approach Centre for Removal of Himachal government’

Leader of Opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal said the party would approach the Centre demanding removal of the state government keeping in view the prevailing circumstances in the state. Having lost mandate during the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress is trying to regain the lost ground through misleading propaganda regarding lands of farmers, he added. Dhumal asserted that Modi government has provided corruption free rule during the past one year and no scam has been reported.

From Editor-in-Chief’s Desk

The Bharatiya Janata Party is preparing ground for its new agenda while searching its roots in Himachal. The BJP state executive meeting at Dharamshala will be a positive step if the party’s fulfils its requirement to learn from the history. The message will go to every corner as party’s national president registered his presence on the stage established to set goals. It will be important for the party to gain in Kangra before washing off its hands from the failure of its ‘Mission Repeat’. Organizing meet in Kangra is not merely coincidental but is the result of Amit Shah’s political acumen. The party’s previous government faltered as it decided to ignore Kangra district. The area suffered even as it had played an important role in formation of the government and there were efforts to divide Kangra. The idea to carve out new districts gained momentum but fell flat in a tussle between Shanta versus Dhumal factions. Not only leaders lost in a fight between organisation and power but BJP’s permutations also suffered. There could have been a BJP government today in Himachal had Kangra not sided with the Congress. The party’s political ransom affected its own potential and possibility. It needs to start ‘Mission Kangra Plus’ to rejuvenate the party before launching its ‘Mission 2017’. There have been some efforts due to politically balanced moves initiated by state BJP president Satpal Satti. He tried to make parallel streams as the mainstream of and moved forward. The BJP needs to give a new face to politics of change to recollect its organizational strength. Himachal will side with Narendra Modi if party’s organisation election strengthens the party in Himachal. The state is having Virbhadra’s government but electorates are also watching Modi’s every initiative. Himachali aspect of Modi’s government connects directly with Jagat Prakash Nadda and state has high hopes from him. He has played pivotal role in initiating developmental schemes in Hamirpur and Mandi parliamentary constituencies and similar is expectations from Kangra to Shimla. The party meeting at Dharamshala will witness political maneuvers in the backdrop of experience of two former chief ministers Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal. The meeting will also decide about the increasing impact of aam aadmi in national politics.

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