Delhi’s Chief Minister Declares jung against Jung

By: May 30th, 2015 12:24 am

Prof.  N.K. Singh

Prof.  N.K. SinghI had forecasted when election results were declared that two states of Delhi and Jammu and Kashmir will be liabilities for Narendra Modi. Somehow Mufti has managed to sustain himself despite dissonance and differences in approach and the activities of separatists. But Delhi is bound to be an albatross round the neck of Centre. The politics of conflict and confrontation that has been mastered by AAP is at its peak in the recent tug a war between Arivind Kejriwal and Najib Jung. Never in the history of state such a furman had been issued by a Chief Minister that officers of the state should not obey the instructions of the Lt. Governor who is at present head of the administration. Before this he was in controversy with media over his circular to the officers that they should take the media writing against them to the court. He went a step forward by locking the room of one Principal Secretary appointed by the Lt. Governor. Finally he lodges complaint against the Lt. Governor with the President that he is not being allowed to function as per constitution. Although Congress and BJP have ruled Delhi for years and no one could indulge in such mutinous behaviour nor there ever appeared a crisis that has been generated by Kejriwal. But such antics are expected from him and perhaps many sections of masses appreciate it when he goes before them saying that you have given me unprecedented vote yet I am being not allowed to function.

The Constitution (Sixty-Ninth Amendment) Act, 1991

The question of re-organisation of the administrative set-up in the Union territory of Delhi has been under the consideration of the Government for sometime. The Government of India appointed on 24-12-1987 a Committee to go into the various issues connected with the administration of Delhi and to recommend measures inter alia for the streamlining of the administrative set-up. The Committee went into the matter in great detail and considered the  issues after holding discussions with various individuals, associations, political parties and other experts and taking into account the arrangements in the national Capitals of other countries with a federal set-up and also the debates in the Constituent Assembly as also the reports by earlier Committees and Commissions.

After such detailed inquiry and examination, it recommended that Delhi should continue to be a Union territory and provided with a Legislative Assembly and a Council of Ministers responsible to such Assembly with appropriate powers to deal with matters of concern to the common man. The Committee also recommended that with a view to ensure stability and permanence the arrangements should be incorporated in the Constitution to give the National Capital a special status among the Union territories. All 7 Union territories were administered by Central Government but a special provision was proposed for Delhi and Punduchury as quasi state rather than full state. It remained closely controlled by the Centre. The legislature has powers with the consent of Lt.

Governor and President is the legal Administrator. The provision is as under: There shall be a Council of Ministers consisting of not more than ten  per  cent.   of the total number of members  in  the   Legislative Assembly,  with  the Chief Minister at the head to aid and advise  the Lieutenant  Governor  in the exercise of his functions in relation  to matters  with  respect to which the Legislative Assembly has power  to make laws, except in so far as he is, by or under any law, required to act in his discretion It is obvious from above quotations that Kejriwal is fighting windmills and in fact he already knew it when he failed in Lokpal Bill in his last term and UPA government told him that LG’s consent is essential. He still does not understand the law.

Bus Stand

This short column reflected wit of common man and his feeling. But what do they think?I was amused to know from my driver that when he went to buy some plants at Nursery in Kangra the gardener was reading this column. He however refused to reduce the prices but as he learnt that it is being taken for the writer of this column he gave free all plants and also a cup of tea with remark. I always read this and take it home for others. Atribute of such reader is refreshing when some politicians frowns hurt you.

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