‘I will Contest Election from Palampur’ :Dulo Ram

May 16th, 2015 12:28 am

Dulo RamTwo times former BJP MLA Dulo Ram from Baijnath was considered a firebrand leader having potential to face any political situation. However his political career went topsy-turvy as he lost three consecutive assembly elections, two from Baijnath on BJP ticket and one from Palampur on HLP ticket. Himachal This Week’s Jaideep Rehan talked to Dulo Ram to track his political journey. Following are the excerpts:

Exclusive Interview

HTW: How you became interested in politics and which BJP leader groomed you in active politics?

Dulo Ram: I entered politics through Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad during college days. Later I entered active politics as I came in contact with Shanta Kumar and understood political details from him.

HTW: You were considered a firebrand leader during your initial years in politics? Was this your true nature or you adopted an aggressive posture later on?

Dulu Ram: I had entered politics with a view to serve the nation and BJP’s objectives. I felt certain deviations from the objectives where there were compromises at upper level on certain occasion. I felt unfit in such conditions and had to adopt aggressive posture at times. It is a part of politics.

HTW: You along with other BJP ministers had raised a banner of revolt against your own government . Were your grievances addressed?

Dulo Ram: We had not raised the voice against the government. We were elected MLAs and felt that our constituencies, especially Kangra district, were being ignored. We fulfilled out duties as MLAs by putting forward our voice at a platform. Our voice was heard at the level of party, government and ideological organizations.  We had no differences with the government.

HTW: You even raised a sort of revolt against your political mentor Shanta Kumar. What were the circumstances and reasons?

Dulo Ram:  It should not be termed a revolt. I could not devote time to family after I entered politics and honestly worked for people. I was surprised when Dr. Rajan Sushant and few other leaders started accusing me as I could never think about working against party’ interest because It was supreme for me.  Few people associated Shanta Kumar’s name with it but there was no personal difference. While leaving the party, I had said that I would return to the party fold when required.

HTW: What prompted you to join HLP floated by Maheshwar Singh on the eve of 2012 assembly elections in Himachal?

Dulo Ram: There were efforts to form a third alternative in the state before 2012 assembly elections. We did whatever we felt right at that time.

HTW: Do you think that there is a scope and space for a third political alternative in Himachal’s politics

Dulo Ram: Presently, third force has no future in Himachal politics.

HTW: What have you learnt in your political career spanning nearly three decades?

Dulo Ram: Earlier politics was to fulfill aspirations of people by speaking truth and fighting with the system. One has to pay the price now for speaking truth in today’s politics.

HTW: Are you satisfied the way your political career has progressed so far? What are your biggest achievements and failures in politics?

Dulo Ram: I was satisfied with my political career. However it pained when I was ousted from the party after leveling false charges in 2009. No one can accuse me of indulging in corruption. And I have never led a double life. I failed in making compromises in politics. I also couldn’t construct Holi-Utrala and Bir-Barot roads in my constituency.

HTW: Are you preparing to fight next assembly election and from where?

Dulo Ram: The party will decide about fielding me as candidate because I am a member of the BJP. I will contest election from Palampur if party allocates me ticket. The party will decide about it.

HTW: Who are young BJP leaders, according to you, who can provide leadership to the state in future?

Dulo Ram: There are many leaders in the BJP who are providing good leadership. The party has a big team of young leaders including J.P. Nadda, Jairam Thakur, Anurag Thakur and Satpal Satti.

HTW: Why BJP’s Mission Repeat’ failed in 2012, though you had contested election on HLP ticket?

Dulo Ram: The party did not work to form the government seriously in 2012 as many grass root leaders joined Himachal Lokhit Party. The performance could have been better had the leadership talked to leaders and Kangra district is one such example. No party can form the government easily without winning 10 to 12 seats from Kangra district.

HTW: How will a seemingly divided BJP achieve ‘Mission 2017’?

Dulo Ram: I believe that there are three to four leaders for one post in the party. Similar is the case in assembly constituencies. There would be no factionalism if all are allocated work according to their capacities. I believe  either you convince others or get convinced in politics. Everything is possible if decisions are taken on a timely basis. Victory is certain if all leaders work unitedly.

* I believe either you convince others or get convinced in politics. Everything is possible if political decisions are taken on a timely basis.  

Dulo Ram  Former BJP MLA


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