Youth can Contribute to Solve Social Problems

By: May 30th, 2015 12:21 am

OP Sharma

Youth in any country forms its backbone. It is on youth’s shoulders that the responsibility for change, progress and innovations lies. Youth are starry-eyed, full of idealism and bubbling with energy to honestly fight for cause. Every age is effected from conversations of its elders. It is the youth only who have the necessary courage and initiative to break out the taboos and crippling practices. Our youth played a significant role in the independence struggle and made considerable sacrifices. But, unfortunately, since the attainment of independence, the youth in the country have been going adrift. They have not been associated with the contemporary national problems. They have not been assimilated in the mainstream of national life. The youth feel alienated and to a certain extent frustrated. Unless there are worthy causes or challenging problems to give our youth a chance to show their mettle, there is bound to be a sense of frustration. The youth in India for decades has been neglected. Consequently the energies and stamina of youth are getting misdirected into negative thinking and destructive activities. To some extent political leadership is responsible for this state of affairs viz-a-viz youth. The youth can lend a helping hand in tackling the ill affecting the country, instead to feel bitter and alienated if their energies are recognised and channelised in proper direction.

We are aware of the extensive damage that is being done to the fabric of our national structure by parochial thinking along caste and communal lines. It is time, we shed partisan prejudices and worked unitedly for the progress of the country. It is time a concerted effort was made to rid our national life of caste and communal strife, so that there could be a homogeneous, peaceful and progressive India. And no other section of the society  is more suited for this onerous task than the youth. They can be liberal with their outlook, decide to shed casteism, communal bias and propagate this thinking among others also. Another important task the youth can successfully undertake is to eliminate the custom of dowry. The youth- both girls and boys, can take a pledge not to give and accept dowry. Since the problem directly concerns the youth, they must fight it and save lives from being lost. Where legal sanctions against dowry have nearly failed, this social movement by the youth will prove effective. Youth can be of tremendous help in solving the insurmountable population problem

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