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By: Oct 31st, 2015 12:24 am

Age Barrier in Politics

Senior Cabinet Minister Kaul Singh Thakur has once again hogged the limelight by restricting the age in politics, though it is not for the first time he has done so. The Congress has still not accepted its political bad scenario and has stayed away from bindings of age in politics whereas BJP’s Union government has sidelined a big group on age basis. Himachal is feeling the heat of Modi’s brave directives as Member of Parliament Shanta Kumar also fell in its ambit and age limit is also hovering over former chief minister Prem Kumar Dhumal’s third term. The political message will also analyse the potential of youth leadership under these circumstances. Kaul Singh’s context and ambition are clear and he will not be far away from the crown in case of a change. Transformation itself is a coalition of test and patience that doesn’t push back Asha Kumari, GS Bali, Mukesh Agnihotri and Sudhir Sharma in Congress. The BJP’s political permutations are revolving around Prem Kumar Dhumal presently. The BJP performed in taking a lead in organizational elections and nullifying central point of Congress government. Loyalties within the BJP are switching ends towards Prem Kumar Dhumal and JP Nadda under these circumstances. Political activities will definitely have an impact on upcoming panchayat elections. It could not have been a cakewalk for Congress in panchayat election even as the circumstances had been normal. Every government faces the tough test of panchayat elections and then municipal council elections that provide an opportunity to explore new hopes. There would be no end to debate on allegiance of candidates winning in panchayat elections. There is always a challenge to progress in politics and Kaul Singh’s statement tells everything.

Thought of the Week

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

-Leo Tolstoy

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