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By: Jul 9th, 2016 12:24 am

E-Vidhan Academy

Himachal will have complete training facility for e-Vidhan Sabha if Speaker BBL Butail’s efforts succeed in establishing e-Vidhan Academy here. Vidhan Sabha complex at Tapovan will also prove its relevance in national contest. It is a matter of pride that country’s first e-Vidhan sabha was established in Himachal that led to paperless work in the assembly. Elected representatives don’t have to carry loads of papers containing information but online working has now become a tradition. Himachal’s experiment has now become a model in the country by proving its efficiency. Speaker BBL Butail has now taken up the cudgels to establish e-Vidhan Sabha Academy. It will enhance Tapovan’s relevance and it will get status of a national institute in future where elected representatives will learn to use computers in a better way. It is Himachal’s another unique initiative in information technology. Academy will cover different stages of e-governance from village to parliament besides strengthening information and accountability aspects of elected representatives. Some of the representatives have stamped their presence on social media through computers but e-Vidhan will also bring in honesty in points of debates. It is expected that academy will also define guidelines for social life of representatives besides operation of online system. Normally leaders refrain from incorporating transparency in their character and e-Vidhan is expected to remove the difference between saying and doing of elected representatives. Speaker Butail has placed Himachal ahead of all states by visualising and bringing to the fore the necessity of e-Vidhan Sabha Academy. It now remains to be seen as to how this national institute runs under Himachal’s supervision. There were question marks over establishing a second Vidhan Sabha complex in Dharamshala but e-Vidhan Academy will justify relevance of the premises. We hope that e-knowledge also strengthens thinking and vision of our representatives.

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*Fun is one of the most important and underrated ingredients in any successful venture.

-Richard Branson

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