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Jul 30th, 2016 12:24 am

Land Acquistion Challenges Himachal’s politics shows good intentions while underlining the development but adopts a dilly-dally attitude to implement it. New initiative is needed to change perspective of development in Himachal that has a successful model. Any laxity shown in the process will push Himachal behind the pace of development in the nation. The point of debate now is on Land Acquisition in Himachal and the state government is adamant on its parameters. Himachal government needs to change its attitude as land acquisition is being made flexible for acquisition of land for construction of national highways in the country. Himachal Revenue Minister Kaul Singh Thakur is pleading austerity in providing compensation for land acquisition that can stall development. People will raise their voice if Himachal imposes cut on compensation for acquiring land for national highways in the wake of national perspective. Any national highway or four lane project connects us with gross domestic product of the country and it it is imperative not to slow down the pace of such development in Himachal. How can Himachal justify two times compensation when entire country is providing four times the value of market price for land acquisition? Revenue Minister’s argument for less compensation that this system will be applicable for other development schemes of the state government is in no way justified. It is totally unjustified as even four times compensation can’t provide a healing touch to farmers who have lost land in four lane projects of Shimla and Ner Chowk. The pain of losing land is much more than the compensation and Himachal will have to adopt a liberal attitude on issues like land acquisition to give impetus to development. Voices of dissent are restricted to Shimla, Solan and Mandi district presently but it will gain momentum when other districts will also have national highways and four lane projects. Next phase of development is not possible only on government land. As a result, no new town, transport nagar and hill station has been developed. Not even an inch of land has been acquired in the initiative to establish Waknaghat satellite town. We can find land for a school, college or hospital but towns have to be developed to plead the cases for national institutes. Himachal needs to fulfill requirements of land acquisition besides rehabilitation of displaced persons.

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