Rationale of National Highways

The recent approval of 56 national highways by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

Jul 9th, 2016 12:30 am

Sunil Sharma           cover story

Rationale of National HighwaysThe recent approval of 56 national highways by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for Himachal has ushered in a ray of hope for this hilly state. Main mode of connectivity in Himachal is roads as the state has little rail and air connectivity. Though implementation of these projects is likely to take time, yet Himachalis are happy as these are considered as harbinger of propsperity. Knowledgable persons feel that once these projects are completed involving Rs. 13,000 crore expenditure, they are likely to benefit  all sectors, especially tourism, agriculture and horticulture. In addition, the four lane projects of Dharamshala-Shimla and Pathankot-Mandi will go a long way in boosting speedy development of the state thereby strengthening its economics also.

To Improve Connectivity Across Himachal

Darla Mor-Beri will be effective from tourism point of view behind Barmana as it would reduce pressure on Bilaspur-Shimla national highway. This 22 km long stretch will benefit tourists and will reduce pressure on Shimla-Mandi-Manali national highway. Till now this road is single and double lane and problems surface on Mandi road due to landslides. The 80 km long Salapar-Harnoda-Kasol-Tattapani-Kingal-Rampur road will remain open throughout the year for vehicular traffic much to the relief of farmers and horticulturists.

* Permission is being sought for appointing consultant for new national highways. These roads will prove beneficial for tourism, agriculture and horticulture sectors

-Narender Chauhan, Additional Chief Secretary, PWD

60 National Highways in Himachal

Number of national highways will go up to 60 now and Rs. 13,000 crore would be spent on construction activities. Maximum expenditure will be on NH 72 B Solan-sanaura-Rajgarh-Nuaradhar-Haripurdhar-Ranhat-Jamli having 140 km length. Next in line is NH 705 Sainj-Deha-Chopal-Nerwa-Fedipul having a length of 110 km. NH 154 Dramman-Sihunta-Chowari-Jot-Chamba will also be 103 km long.

Himachal Gets 56 National Highways

* Rs. 13,000 crore to be spent

* Formalities to be completed in a week

* Himachal will prepare DPR after appointing consultant

* Four national highways approved last year

Himachal Gets 56 National HighwaysUnion Surface Transport Ministry has approved 56 national highways spanning 3758 km length to be constructed at a cost of Rs. 13,000 crore. These don’t include Dharamshala-Shimla four lane road. The consultant will send its detailed project report and then approval would be granted. Neccesary instructions have been passed on to National Highway Authority of India. Four national highways 231 length were notified last year. Total number of national highways approved by centre for Himachal has now gone up to 60. Certain changes are to be effected in 56 national highways. Certain roads will be extended besides including leftover areas. The report has been sought from authorities within a week to initiate further steps on these projects.

Govt Seeks Permission To Appoint Consultant

The state government in a letter writen to Union Surface Transport Ministry has sought permission for appointing consultant for construction of national highways. This development took place after Union Health Minister JP nadda held a meeting with PWD officials arecently. Sources said a report is being prepared for connecting more stations with 56 national highways and also for extension of these projects. Officials said a seperate permission is sought for appointing flour laning project of Dharamshala-Shimla. Till now this stretch is national highway and further action for its four laning will be undertaken after appointment of consultant. They add it will take some time and no deadline can be fixed for it though National Highway Authority of India is also playing its role by establishing a corrdination with state authorities as per directions of Union ministry.

Improved Connectivity 

National highways will reduce traffic congestion in different towns of the state as bypasses and flyovers will be constructed to avoid entry of unneccesary vehciles in cities. It will also be beneficial for heavy vehciles as national highways would reduce traveling time by avoiding obstructions.

Benefits to different Sectors

These projects will help tourism sector in a big way as tourists prefer to visit specific locations in Himachal now because of traveling constraints. It takes long time to reach from one place to another destination due to surpentine narrow roads.  These projects will help them in planning visits to different parts of the state during one visit due to effective and faster connectivity.

Easy Transportation of farm Produce

Trucks laden with fruits and agriculture produce undertake long journeys to reach market. It not only deteriorates quality for the agro and horticulture products but also involves heavy expenses on the part of producers. With national highways proposed across the state even in hilly and geographical difficult terrains. These will certainly strengthen economy of farmers and horticulturists.

Industrial Benefits

Wider and smooth roads will also help growth in industrial sector across the state, espacilly in BBN area, Sirmaur and Kangra districts due to easy accessible roads.

Kiratpur-Ner Chowk Four Lane by 2017

Kiratpur-Ner Chowk Four Lane by 2017Kiratpur-Ner Chowk Four Lane by 2017Firts phase of Kiratpur-Mnali up to Ner Chowk will be completed by 2017. It would reduce distance between Chandigarh and Ner Chowk by 50 kilometer thus saving over one hour traveling time, fuel consumption and reduce pollution. It will attract industrial units in the area besides benefiting farmers. Project director Lt. Col.Yogendra Chandra says that this four lane will pass through five tunnels. Thousands of vehciles travel from Delhi, Chandigarh, Bilaspur to Mandi and Manli espacially during peak season and traffic comes to a stand still at Ner Chowk.

National Highways

* Solan-sanawara-rajgarh-Jamli

* Sataun-Renuka-Dosadka

* Haripurdhar-Sangrah-Renuka

* Kandaghat-Sadhupul-Chayal-Kufri

* Haripurdhar-Kupvi-Tarahan-Sarahan-Chopal

* Sainj-Deha-Chopal-Nerwa-Feduspul

* Solan-Sabathu

* Kafota-jakhana-Jong-Yunia-Haripur

* Sanaura-Yashwant Nagar-Gaura-Dublu-janedghat-junga-Mehli

* Hatkoti-Madhol-Tashu-Tharola-Kotkhai

* Nalagarh-Dabhota-baruna-Bagheri-Khertiwal-Maura

* Junction with NH 154 Dramman-Sihunta-Chowari-Jot-Chamba

* Rohru-Chirgaon-Tikri-Larot-Chanshal-Dodrakwar

* Jwalamukhi-Dehra-Jwali-Raja ka Talab-Jassur

* Shilah-Badhani-Ghatasani-Bhujot-Kullu

* Sandhol-Gadidhar-Awah Devi

* Baijnath-Kotli

* Sundernagar-Chayal-DohraTriflaghat-Palasi

* Janjehli-Chatri-karsog

* Jogindernagar via Kunktar-Kotli

* Palampur-Dharamshala via Nagri

* Nagni-Pudwa-Panahar-Khundian-Jwalamukhi

* Dhaneta-Badsar-Shah Talai-Berthin-Bagher

* Bharwain-Chintpurni-Jorabar-pakka Tiala-Sansarpur Terrace

* Ranital-Masrur-Lanj-32Miles via Kuthar-Triphal-Bhater-Basa-Lunsu-Dhar Road

* Dhaliara-Dada Siba- Sansarpur Terrace

* Shimla-Hamirpur-Dharamshala state highway to Bhager to Patha via Ghori Dhibari-Maharal-Bijhari-Salooni-galore-Kangoo

* Didwin Tikkar-Mahal Bhoranj-Bhareri-Chandruhi-Tatar-Sarkaghat

* Dhaneta-Kangoo-RangasBalduhk-Jihans Road

* Santokhgarh-Tahliwal-Harsoli-Saloh-Ispur-gagret-Daulatpur-Mubarakpur-marwari

* Ajaula-santokhgarh-Una Lower lalsinghi to Swan Bridge

* Dadhaul-Swara-Muhana-lanjta Matial-Kuther Road

* Thapna Bagchal nadaun Road via Marotan-janjwin-kalol-Bharoli Kalan-Gharan-Shah talai-badsar

* Drala Mor to Berri Road

* Bangana to Jwalamukhi via Shantla-Tutru-Peer Saluhi-Chamukha-kaleshwar Mahadev

* Jalari- Deot Sidh-Berthin-Ghumarwin

* Manpul-Guana-Basral-Dhenta-Tipper-Fahal-Galod-Nalti-Hamirpuyr-Lablu- Jahu

* Hamirpur-Tarakwadi-Bhoranj-Jahu

* NH to Navgaon via Jubbal-rani Kotla-Markand near bandladhar via Balh-Bulada- Ner Chowk Expressway-Bassi to Beri

* Salapar-harnoda-Kasol-Tattapani-Kingal-Rampur

* Chamba-Tissa-Kilar

* Jahu-Kalkhal-Ner Chowk

* Ranital-Kotla

* Rohru-Tikkar-Theog Ghati- NeraGhati-Bhalidhar-bareyon-Panog-Kiyari-Kotkhai

* Chaila-Sainj-Aucchghat-Sarahan-Kolanwala-Bhud-narayangarh

* Tara Devi-Kunihar-ramshehar-Nalaghar-Ghanauli

* Neripul-Anuara-Rajgarh-Banethi

* Mandi-Gaggal-Chail Chowk-Janjehli-Chatri-Ranabagh-Nagan

* Narkanda-Baggi-Tikkar-Rohru

* Taklesh-Nogli

* Ghumarwin-jahu-Sarkaghat

* Hamirpur-Sujanpur-Alampur-Palampur

* Thana Kalan-bangana-Nadaun

* Nadaun-Tihra Sujanpur-Sandhol- Kanda pattan

* Barotiwala-Patta-Kuthar-Arki-Shalaghat

* Shimla-Dhalli-Tattapani-Churag-Rohanda-Sundernagar

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