Vijay Sharma (The writer is based at Hamirpur) Eco-tourism includes different activities like trekking, bird watching, boating, biodiversity research and wildlife reserves exploration etc. There are immense possibilities for eco-tourism in Himachal Pradesh. But the state government’s plans and policies are yielding no result in this perspective due to lack of effective management. A different

Umesh Uttam Chauhan (The writer is based at Jubbal, Shimla) Education is the best earning that can neither be stolen nor it reduces on spending. But an analysis of educational conditions in present context reveals that government educational institutes are losing dominance it once commanded in older times. Students of private schools shine in board

IIT Mandi Serving Himachal This is regarding Himachal This Week’s cover story of May 20, 2017, “IIT Mandi Serving Himachal”. Technologies developed in different sectors suitable to the hilly geographical areas are proving benefecial for Himachal. Such innovations can go a long way in improving the life of people in this hilly state. Apart from

Kuldeep Nayar (The writer is a veteran  Indian journalist, author  and noted columnist.) The Demolition of the Babri masjid and the ban on cattle sale for slaughter are two sides of the same coin. They reflect the prejudice of the majority community. Both are fouling the air. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which completed three

Himachal This Week While old cases pertaining to Chief Minister in the court are attracting attention, there are continuing raids on many corruption citadels in and around the state. There was relief for the CM as he was granted bail although his passport was impounded and security obtained. This provided an opportunity for him to

Biggest Soccer Bonanza From June 6 Himachal This Week Players are sweating hard on ground for the Divya Himachal Football League, which is being organised in the state for the first time. Eight teams of the league are going through hard practice sessions in different parts of Himachal. The Football League is going to be

The state government will provide 35% to 75% subsidy to farmers in herbal farming Ashish Kumar Bharmoria At last there is a news providing some relief to farmers who have left farming because of monkey menace. They can now be free from worries of havoc created by monkeys on fields. What they need to do

Google App That Pays You For Answering Surveys Google has rolled out its Opinion Rewards app in India. The app requires users to answer some surveys and in return, rewards them with credits that can be used to make Google Play Store purchases. Besides India, the app has also been launched in Singapore and Turkey.

The project will be established on pilot basis at Pooh in Kinnaur district Sunil Sharma The Union government has approved a big snow harvesting project for Himachal Pradesh for which it will release an amount of Rs. 1 crore. This project will be established at a village in Pooh area of Kinnaur district. The project

Himachal This Week It is obvious that every girl wishes to look different, unique and stylish. And for that sake, following the trends that can better suit one’s personality is most crucial point. Fashion styles are changing every day. In the past, women were passionate to wear short shirts with Patiala salwars. Somewhere with jeans,