Himachal's much awaited event Miss Himachal has reached its pinnacle with its grand finale scheduled to be held at Sardar Shobha Singh Auditorium of Tanda Medical College on April 7, 2018. Organised by Divya Himachal, the journey of Miss Himachal 2018 started with auditions held across the state to provide a platform to young Himachali ladies aspiring to make a career in modeling. About 270 enthusiastic contestants participated in the auditions.

Many of the parliamentary system’s most sacred principles are not adhered to by India’s system of government. This has left us with an ad hoc system, which is dangerously bendable to the will of governments that come and go. It is no wonder that most Indian administrations end up running amok with power.

Himachal This Week One hundred days of Jai Ram’s leadership of the government in Himachal had seen some good days...

Air India is on sale and that is the news which might gladden the heart of all champions of private enterprise. But it could throw a wrench in the heart of experts who have cured sick. It might be surprise, to many who feel everything must be free enterprise, that Singapore has airport and airline in government sector and most prized in their functioning. Canadian postal service is in government sector but that may be so in many countries but not as efficient and highly acclaimed organisation as that of Canada. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is himself credited with turning around the power sector of Gujarat which was in shambles and is now doing well. I have turned around International Airports Authority of India in three years, making it one of the top ten profit making public sector undertakings. At that time, Air India, IAAI, Indian Airlines, all three were working professionally and profitably without being drain on the exchequer.      

Himalaya Niti Abhiyan (HNA), a state level coalition of people's groups and activists, objection to the new draft National Forest Policy-2018 has raised many questions. While talking to HTW HNA coordinator Guman Singh said that the policy did not address the issue of forest rights of forest dwelling tribal community. These communities have been fighting for long to get their forest rights recognised. Attitude of the forest department during all these years in supporting the law has been discouraging, he added. He has also suggested that Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) money shall be spent without the consent of communities thus not only denying the rights conferred under the Forests Rights Act (FRA) but also undermining the vision of the community conservation and forest management plan. 

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has said that the Kashmiri pandits should visit their place of origin, meaning thereby the valley. Her remark is like splashing salt on the wind.  The pandits were forcibly ousted from Kashmir in 1993. Their fault was that they were Hindus in the 90-percent Muslim valley.

Sports Bill Noose The government has withdrawn the pending Himachal Pradesh Sports Bill, 2015 and one can understand the opposition...

The state government has proposed to change the school uniform for students to look smart and started the process for same also. But there is an urgent need to improve the quality of school education which is the foundation of our future generations. As per a survey conducted by the NCERT, the students of Himachal Pradesh have a lot to make up in terms of performance in all subjects. In comparison to the national average of 252, Himachal Pradesh students have managed to score a paltry 229, 232, 230, 234, 239 in English, Math, Science, Social Science and in languages tests respectively conducted by NCERT under National Achievement Survey.

Irrigation is an important aspect for discussion in a hill state where 85% of the population residing in villages is dependent on horticulture and agriculture for livelihood. Since agriculture is rain fed in Himachal Pradesh, commercial farming could not be practiced here because of small sized farms and marginal agricultural society. Though horticulture is a major vocation here because of apple and other fruit like litchi, kinnoo, pomegranate orchards, the demand for filler crops like off season vegetables and fruits like strawberry is also great in the market. But rain fed agriculture remains the mainstay because of lack of robust irrigation infrastructure.         

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