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Political Maneuvering

The issue of unemployment allowance has surfaced before the Congress government in election year. The bigger question is it an effort to write a different story by putting own government under the scanner. We can understand the relevance of unemployment allowance in Transport Minister’s politics. But it also needs to be understood as to why GS Bali stand is different from the government. The minister had earlier too tried to gain strength through youths from Kullu but that resolve could not be achieved. The perspective associated with the issue should be analysed when this issue has again been raised. The Congress is focusing on youth power by projecting Rahul Gandhi at the forefront. The minister had been indicating that he is the only towering leader of Kangra district.  It can be natural analysis because GS Bali has defied all caste permutations by consistently winning from a constituency heavily dominated by other backward classes. He has also nurtured the constituency well during all these years. One will project his stature bigger than the government if one wants to lead the state. Many statements, political happenings and campaign on social and mainstream media are indicative of a group prevalent here. There is a political circle and squared planning close to Bali and the recent happenings during Rahul’s rally fanned minister’s ambitions in Nagrota Bagwan. Bali tried to find a solution to the squared planning through Rahul’ rally or was it the only option to register presence of national leader in his assembly segment. It remains to be seen how much Bali succeeds in garnering the support of youths. We cannot believe that Transport Minister is raking up the issue in election year without any motive. It is not in support of the government even if it is not directly benefiting the opposition. Who is bothering GS Bali even if spoiling political ambitions of any leader is a part of political battle. Is any leader from Kangra is close to Chief Minister? Why is political graph of minister is embroiled? It will come to the fore in many parts but it would be considered as Himachal’s dissent.

Thought of the Week

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.


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