Anxious Wait For State Assembly Elections Result

Himachal This Week

All political activities have come to a standstill after polling for Himachal assembly elections concluded on November 9. Political observers term it as a political holiday with everybody eagerly waiting for elections results on December 18. How will these thirty nine days pass? Has anybody bothered to think what this small hilly state would do between the polling date and announcement of results after thirty nine days?

Notwithstanding the fact that political leaders will now shift to Gujarat where assembly elections are generating a lot of heat, no decision can be taken in this hilly state. The life will go on as usual but no inference could be drawn from this long period. The fate of candidates has been sealed in EVMs that will be closely guarded till the counting begins on December 18 along with Gujarat assembly elections.

Political observers point out that there should be a debate on whether assembly elections in Himachal should be held in only one phase. There is no denying the fact that a part of Himachal that includes three assembly segments face inclement weather. Why can’t elections in these segments be viewed in the backdrop of sixty five other assembly segments, they question. Assembly elections in this hilly state can also be held in two phases to avoid such a long wait for election results.

The silence maintained by electorate is also baffling one and all, including political observers. In whose favour the voters have used their franchise, there are thirty nine days to ponder over this question that will only be answered on December 18. However, this period can allow people to think apolitically so that the new government looks like working for all sections of the society rather than indulging in political vendetta, political observers point out.

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