Old Policies Implode New Yet to Rise

Himachal This Week

Himachal assembly has become quagmire of greetings and handshakes. The warming up is taking its own toll. When nothing substantial is being debated or a perspective of long term vision is being shown on the horizon, the assembly is going though rituals. In the meantime, Cabinet seems to be going through writing off the decisions of the previous government.

After withdrawing control over Raghunath Temple, the government has gone ahead with abolishing H.P. Beverages Limited and maintaining service benefits of the army men pleasing the army lobby. There seems to be a drive to demolish the edifice of past monuments but no new ones are in sight.

The Congress Legislative Party leader Mukesh Agnihotri is biting the new cake with hope that new government will be kind and generous to them. He sold a new thesis which is old wish that there are two ways to work first cooperation and devevlopment orientation and the second of revenge and confrontation with the previous government. But there are no signs of new shake hand as the decision of Cabinet clearly demonstrate that sword is out of the cover, political observers feel. Already the cricket association officials are bemoaning the torture they underwent in previous regime.

Virbhadra Singh is already facing CBI court and there is routine movement in the case in Delhi. Shimla has not much role to play in the cases under trial. In all the flowery welcome, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur should not forget that he has hard task already to activise the assembly to take major issues reportedly facing this hilly state. These are not only financial but also administrative and developmental, political observers point out. He needs to constitute a task force immediately to work out action plan for coming 100 days, they add.

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