Poetry Sweeps Himachal’s Budget

Himachal This Week

Himachal’s Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur started his budget speech in a very poignant note referencing to people talking about his reaching the top position but missing to see the boils under the feet. No doubt, he had to toil a lot to reach where he is and the struggle is commendable. But now he is in a very fragile and assailable position where all eyes are glued to him to question him. For state, the buck stops at his table and he cannot escape responsibility.

Starting his journey with humility and earnestness, he is poised to deliver since any new man will try to give new direction and higher level of performance. He rightly quoted an Urdu verse that today should be better than yesterday. He could have invoked Japanese system of Kaizen which is technique of continuous improvement.

The budget, however, is modest as the state is suffering from high deficit. He, therefore, has done marginal and minor improvements as in case of senior citizens, pensions, widow pensions etc. No doubt, it is focused on agriculture but it has failed to provide any strategy for protection of crops by wild animals and monkeys. Even it fails to mobilise tourism money and opportunities for employment of youths except adhoc recruitments. Over all what one carries home is a sense of minimalism that however is spirit of the state and some opposition leaders too are reciting a poem of Akbar Allahbadi – Kaum ke gam main dinner khate hain Hukkam ke saath/ Ranj leader ko bahut hai magar aaram ke saath. (Grieving for problems of nation some leaders enjoy dinner with rulers / Leader is worried about people but very leisurely).

Attack by the opposition is on failure to find any solution to perpetual problems like monkey menace and no provision of raising employment potential of young. Minor tinkering here and there is not of any consequence and bold measures should have been suggested to come out of debt trap and provide relief to farmers as well as youth.

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