Himachal Politics Bereft Of Grace And Values

Himachal This Week

While resigning from the post of district president Mahila Congress in Shillai in Sirmour district, Tara Chauhan said that Congress is going away from the values cherished by Gandhi and Nehru. The observation is very apt but as PM Modi told Mallikarjun Kharge in Parliament ‘ Aapko yeh gyan kab hua’? While realization of this disappointing fact is obvious but its late dawn is virtually taking away all its meanings.

Earlier top leaders of the party were fighting on the caps to be presented to chief guest who is fond of green colour but was given a red cap. Chief Minister disdainfully shoved it aside and did not wear the honouring cap while continuing to use his old green cap. The event became viral on the social media when Maheshwar Singh entered the arena of trying ‘do hath’ and demanded apology from the chief guest for refusing the honour when a celebration was going on to launch Health projects. Had Shakespeare witnessed this scene he would have remarked ‘What is in a colour? A cap will be always be a cap whatever colour it is’.

Many people were not aware of the colour trouble as green was denoting Kinnauri cap that is associated with Raja power. As the elections are nearing the leaders are talking lose or doing acrobatics to attack the opponent. After the launch of health project function, Health Minister of Himachal, Kaul Singh Thakur said that Congress can face BJP only if it is united.

His cool attitude showed that he was playing flute like Nero’s role when Rome burnt. The Congress is in shambles unable to decide who will be responsible for the leadership role while president of party remains same without change as demanded by CM. In all this rigmarole where are values as democratic values are being sought to be restored by CM who asked for elected position castigating Sukhu who is nominated having lost election. No doubt he developed amnesia when he  nominated many, political observers point out.  No doubt what a district President of Mahila Congress has expressed is obvious but who is going to change it when no one is accountable.

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