Jai Ram Does Which No Other Chief Minister Could Do

Himachal This Week

One hundred days of Jai Ram’s leadership of the government in Himachal had seen some good days and some sleepy hours in the assembly that specialised in walk outs rather than performance. Chief Minister has scored highest point in popular rating due to his best gift to motorists who were exempted from entry tax at toll barriers if their vehicles carried Himachal’s number plate. Motorists had been demanding it for last many years but no chief minister was so kind to people driving back to this hilly state after doing business in neighbouring states, political observers point out. This has led to mass celebrations but those celebrating also faced increased rates of liquor. The celebration was damp due to this plus-minus arithmetic of Jai Ram government.

The house saw disruptions on minor aspects. Some time Vidya Stoke’s change from the leadership of Hockey association became a hot topic. Some time the opposition objected to handouts of the government not mentioning anything about them and releasing pictures of Chief Minister only. This could be also a subject of walk out, no one was expecting such frivolous causes for not sitting in the assembly and enjoying the salubrious climate out side. Obviously the opposition did not take business seriously, political observers point out.  New pattern of democracy both in states and centre is that it does not matter whether you have the number or not, you can hold the house to ransom on any issue or stall the proceedings by rushing to the well of the house. Himachal assembly had plenty of opportunities in this session to practice this new trend.

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